First Day, Second Day

Greetings from Fifty Shades of Green Acres!

Yesterday, the first day of Spring… 50 degree temps, sunny skies, and signs of what awaits us as the earth warms up…

Blossoms on Peach Trees

Pear Tree Blossoms

Grape Hyacinth


We also noticed a sign that we are hoping will entice the blue birds to take up residence.

Mr. Fifty Shades built a second blue bird house this year because for the past couple years, tree swallows moved the blue birds out of the one house we set up.  We read that if there are two houses the two types of birds will live happily next to each other.  So – here’s hoping!!!

Today, the second day of spring – the world looks much different…

Even so, we’re working on various projects in anticipation of the season…these are tomato and pepper seeds that have germinated in our basement. These babies will be going into the ground in May.  

Also, Mr. Fifty Shades is working hard in his workshop to enclose his office and he’s making a lot of progress…

Until next time, friends…enjoy your spring!

Fifty Shades of Green Acres Team


Might As Well Face It….

I’m Addicted to Sun…

I do love the sun and if there’s a sunny spot to find, you’ll find me in it.  So, today suited me just perfectly with the sun streaming in through our front door.

Last week, snow, ice, snowy ice, and icy snow  and it was slippery.  I know this because, during our walks, Mr. and Mrs. Fifty Shades said to each other, “Be careful, it’s slippery.”  Scout and I didn’t have any problems, though.  These pictures look like they’ve been taken through a filter or screen but this was the way it looked when we stepped outside.

On Saturday, Mrs. Fifty Shades tried a new dessert recipe, resulting in Mr. Fifty Shades seeing the dentist on Monday morning to repair a loose crown.  We won’t go into all the details, but caramel was involved.  We’ve tossed that recipe and we’ll be looking at something less dangerous for dessert this week.

Cupcakes, Wallpaper, Paper, Background, Seamless


Robins visited for a while this morning…maybe spring is on the way!

Until next time,

Sage & the Fifty Shades of Green Acres Team

The Scout Report – Winter is here…and other stuff

Hi Everyone from Fifty Shades of Green Acres!

Sage has been re-thinking her role in Mrs. Fifty Shades’ broken wrist and she would like to present…some Alternative Facts.

No we are not kidding…

Alternative Facts – by Sage

Fact:  When the “incident” occurred, Mrs. Fifty Shades was looking here in the nest boxes, which is where the chickens lay their eggs.

Fact:  There were no eggs…because for a couple months the chickens have been molting – kind of like shedding their feathers and growing new feathers (see below how much lighter the new feathers are on their bodies compared to the feathers near their heads).  During this process they stop laying eggs.

The situation is so dire that Mr. and Mrs. Fifty Shades have actually had to Buy Eggs.  Like from the grocery store!

Fact:  If the chickens had been laying eggs like they are supposed to, Mrs. Fifty Shades would have already gotten her egg supply for the day and would have been paying attention to me.  Therefore….the cause of the incident is completely due to the selfish ol’ hens.  So there.

Well – there you have it, folks.  A compelling set of facts and we’ll just leave it there.

Winter has arrived and it has been pretty swell here.  Today, Sage and I enjoyed one of our favorite treats…licking the tiny layer of snow that fell  onto our deck last night.  Yummy.  It did not get above freezing here today, plus, more cold weather on the way.  YAY!

We sure enjoy sharing all the news from our little part of the world.  Used to be we thought readers from as far away places as Florida…and Arkansas – were as remote as we could imagine!  But now, we have a new reader, resulting in an international fan base – a friend from Russia following our blog.

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, Mr. & Mrs. Fifty Shades join us in sending everyone our warmest greetings for the holidays and the new year.

Until next time,

Fifty Shades of Green Acres Team

What’s Been Happening

Sage Words

Hi Everyone!


We’ve had a lot going on the last couple weeks and I am EXHAUSTED!


dsc_0011-3 dsc_0014-4

A couple weeks ago Mr. and Mrs. Fifty Shades took Scout and me for our early evening walk.  We explored the pond area as usual, when Scout conducted one of his jobs by grabbing  a copperhead snake.  In turn, the snake lashed out and bit him on his lower jaw.  We were all pretty stunned, most of all Scout.  We hurried back home but Scout was so dazed he had to stop a couple times and sit.  When we got inside, we called the emergency vet clinic and they said to “bring your baby right over.” Little did they know they would be getting a two-for-one since I needed to come for moral support.

Scout and I hopped into the back seat and I did not take more than my usual 3/4 of the space.  On the ride over, Scout’s lower jaw started to droop a bit and it began to swell.  When we got to the clinic – oh boy!  The Smells!  The Sights!  We rushed into the building and Scout and Mr. Fifty Shades went into an exam room.  I was shaking so hard with all the Smells and Sights that Mrs. Fifty Shades took me outside to calm down.  When we saw a cat prancing around the building, she said, “Oh no,” and ushered me back inside.  Wow!  Did I mention the Smells?  Fantastic!  My quivering continued as strong as ever and the nicest lady wondered if a treat or two might help me.  I certainly thought that would do the trick.  The treats were very tasty and soon thereafter, Mrs. Fifty Shades and I went into the exam room with Scout and Mr. Fifty Shades.  When the vet came in, he told us that Scout was the second copperhead bite he had treated that night.  The vet seemed so nice and I felt I needed to show my appreciation for his looking after Scout.  So, I licked him all over his face to thank him for taking care of my best buddy in the world.  For some reason though, I had to go back out again.  There was talk of someone being too excited.  So, we went back out to the lobby where the Smells were wonderful – have I mentioned that before?  There was a cat there, too.  But, I tried to ignore her.  Then, lots of people came by and said how pretty and sweet I was.  I really liked this place.  When Scout emerged from the exam room, he had been given some antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, and pain meds.

On the ride home, I insisted that Scout use up his usual 1/4 of the backseat.  He was so out of it that he just leaned up against the door and dozed on and off.  I was able to sleep all the way back and had a couple nice dreams about the Smells and the Cats and the Nice People and Treats!  When we arrived home, Scout ran to a corner and laid there all night.  The next several days were tough on my BFF.  We could all tell he was still in pain and his jaw swelled up something awful.   I think he was a little scared, too.   Throughout the first few days, Scout darted from corner to corner and room to room trying to escape the pain.   Mr. Fifty Shades lay down next to him through one particularly rough night so that he wouldn’t be so anxious. We all fretted over that boy and wished we could make him feel better.  Especially me – I really wanted to get him into our new play pen (fenced area), but, we all thought about it and thought the best thing I could do was to give him a little space and breathing room.  It was difficult, though, since Scout and I are used to playing and cutting up all day.  I think Mrs. Fifty Shades was feeling a bit confined, too, because one day she said something about running off some excess energy.  I wanted to help her with that, so we went down to the play pen and I showed her how to play a new game with a tennis ball.  It worked this way – she threw the ball, I retrieved it and then I ran all around while she tried to catch me and get the ball.  How much fun is that?!!

Gradually, our brave Scout got back to normal.  We knew he was on the road to recovery when he wanted to play with me again.  Yay – I am so relieved that my dearest friend is back 100%.  He is the best company ever.  I love you, Scout!

2016-01-18 02.51.04

In other news…

Mr. Fifty Shades continues the work on the “Mow-rage.”  Here you can see that the garage door got installed.  Fancy, fancy.

dsc_0024 dsc_0023 dsc_0022

He’s working hard now on the ceiling, insulation, and on the electrical and lighting systems.

So, now you’re up to date on what’s going on here.  Now that he’s feeling better, Scout is working on a Scout Report for you.

A comment to the former Hurricane Matthew – so glad you did not hit Florida as hard as expected, but, did you have to go and create havoc for our loved ones in North Carolina?

Well – that is about it for now.  Until next time…

Lots of Love and kisses,

Sage from Fifty Shades of Green Acres

P.S.  Copperheads have been plentiful and on the move all around the southeast.  It’s been dry and they are apparently looking for water.  Mr. Fifty Shades wanted me to share this picture of one he killed about two months ago.  This one is about 18 to 20 inches long and it is nowhere near the length or girth of the one that attacked our Scout.




A Big Day

Mr. Fifty Shades and I have been hanging out with each other for a good long while.  Through the years, he’s turned to me from time to time and asked…

(please hum The Beatles song, “When I’m 64” as you read this)

When we get older, gray in our hair

Many years from now

Can we maybe make a big move to a farm

With dogs and hens and a rooster alarm?

We will be happy

It will be fun

But, I just gotta know

Will you still need me, will you still feed me

when I’m 64?

Yes, Mr. Fifty Shades – and if we are so lucky – and just because it rhymes, you’ve got me through 84 as well!  

     20160529_200149nutmeg 11-2011 051

I love you, Mr. Fifty Shades – Happy Birthday!

and lots of wet nosed kisses and purrs from your four legged family @ Fifty Shades of Green Acres


Sage Advice

Hi All –


This week we celebrated one year since I adopted Scout and Mr. & Mrs. Fifty Shades.  It is a lucky thing I found them since they really needed my advice.  For instance, Mr. & Mrs. Fifty Shades thought that sleeping past 4:00 a.m. was normal.  Can you believe that?  Fortunately, I have been able to convince them that this was a crazy practice, or as Mrs. Fifty Shades describes it, “a faraway dream.”  I think that means it was just plain silly.

Scout and I have had the best time ever this week since it’s been snowing and cold.  Scout likes to lay down and roll in the snow.  I like to do whatever Scout does.  Here are some pictures that show all the delicious snow we’ve been enjoying…



Bee Hives


Chicken Coop



The Pond



Bird House



Picnic Anyone?

DSC_0016 DSC_0017 DSC_0013 DSC_0006 DSC_0004

The weather predictions are for the snow to continue until Sunday.  It is also supposed to be quite windy and Scout and I just don’t know how much better it could get.

Here’s hoping you’re enjoying snow wherever you are!

Signing off,


Sage and the rest of the Fifty Shades Team

Happy New Year!


The Scout Report

Hi Everyone,

I hope you’ve been enjoying winter so far.  Today was our best day so far this year, because it SNOWED!  Yay.  Hurray!

You can see here my paw prints in the snow and just below where I lapped up the snow with my tongue.  


Sage wasn’t too sure about it at first, but, after a few tries she enjoyed lapping it up, too. Someone mentioned it might be like eating a snow cone, although we’ve been advised to avoid the yellow kind.  

Even though the cold weather is the best, I think Sage prefers staying inside with our new rope toy. We wore out the other one chewing and playing tug of war.

There might be a picture of us doing this one day with the new rope, but, Mrs. Fifty Shades says it will be difficult since most of the time we’d rather stop what we’re doing to see what she’s doing when she brings out the camera. 


This is what it looked like just a couple hours ago when Mr. & Mrs. Fifty Shades and Sage and I took our walk.  

DSC_0033 DSC_0036

Now the sun is shining and the light snow is melting.  The temps will be in the teens tomorrow – really – it doesn’t get much better than that!

Until next time,

Scout & Sage

DSC_0025 DSC_0026