What’s Been Happenin’

When the hay bales dot the field near our house, it’s a sign for us that spring is here and summer is fast approaching.


We’ve been busy, working on our garden:

This little guy supervised me as I was working in the garden. I think he has his eye out for an upcoming tasty morsel or two.


We planted 75 strawberry plants!

Lettuce in containers



Future Tomatoes! We are optimists.

Baby corn stalks.




And, we’ve also been busy with other activities.

A few months ago, Mr. Fifty Shades picked up a special delivery – a new item for his shop:

Exciting new projects await this new table saw and its owner:










Shop Fox – do they mean the saw or its owner?


If you didn’t think things could get any better – well, they could because Mr. Fifty Shades installed an aerator in our pond.¬† If you live in the big city, a pond can also be referred to as a water feature. ūüôā This was needed to reduce algae, provide more oxygen for the fish (bass and blue gill) and in general create a healthier pond:


First, he laid out and constructed a deck near the spring.

Next, he built a chest to house the motor and wired up the electrical system.

The chest sits on top of the newly constructed deck.

Finally, time to paddle out…

…and gently place the aerator in the water…

The aerator runs on a timer and we have it on a schedule of about 12 hours overnight and once for about 15 minutes during the day.¬† You can see the surface of the pond bubbling away.¬† So far, it’s made a big difference in the way the pond looks and the fish have given it a two fins up approval rating!!

That’s it for now, but more to come soon.

Until next time,






Game of Throne

Hi Fans of Fifty Shades of Green Acres!!

When we last posted pictures, the west and east driveways to the shop were being poured.  Now, they are complete.

Looks quiet, but, inside the shop, there is a world of activity.

What could this be behind the door?

Yes, a private bathroom…all wainscoted and tiled…

…with all the essentials handy.

Not too many months ago, it looked like this…

The wainscoting is wood pulled off the little house on the property.  Mr. Fifty Shades planed each piece of wood and then applied stain.

Next stop, behind Door Number Two…

Come into the office…

…where there are cabinets installed on each side of the window…I thought maybe Mr. Fifty Shades would fill them with fun things like seasonal decorations but instead he is using them to store paints and stains that might be affected by the lower temperatures in the larger room.¬† There is a portable heater in this room on a thermostat that kicks on at 45 degrees and turns off at 50 degrees.¬† This is also the room where electronic equipment is kept.¬†¬†

The office is waiting for the wainscoting treatment and tiled floor as well.

But, first, the area around the sink will be finished.

Cabinets under construction on either side of the sink.

And, then second, another project will be built and transported to someone else’s home.¬† Because you know you want to know, we’ll share pictures as it’s being constructed.

Until next time, friends,

Hey – where is Mr. Fifty Shades?


First Day, Second Day

Greetings from Fifty Shades of Green Acres!

Yesterday, the first day of Spring… 50 degree temps, sunny skies, and signs of what awaits us as the earth warms up…

Blossoms on Peach Trees

Pear Tree Blossoms

Grape Hyacinth


We also noticed a sign that we are hoping will entice the blue birds to take up residence.

Mr. Fifty Shades built a second blue bird house this year because for the past couple years, tree swallows moved the blue birds out of the one house we set up.¬† We read that if there are two houses the two types of birds will live happily next to each other.¬† So – here’s hoping!!!

Today, the second day of spring – the world looks much different…

Even so, we’re working on various projects in anticipation of the season…these are tomato and pepper seeds that have germinated in our basement. These babies will be going into the ground in May.¬†¬†

Also, Mr. Fifty Shades is working hard in his workshop to enclose his office and he’s making a lot of progress…

Until next time, friends…enjoy your spring!

Fifty Shades of Green Acres Team

As The Cement Drum Turns

The trusses are in place. ¬†The metal roof is attached. ¬†What’s next? ¬†Of course…it’s time for the cement floor to be poured. ¬†You would think this would be kind of like watching paint dry, but things got a little exciting for us….As The Cement Drum Turned. ¬†It’s early morning – the cement truck arrives and the driver lines up the truck at one end of the building. ¬†The drum rotates…

…and then the wet cement is released down a chute and into this cute little motorized cart with a hopper. ¬†Once there is enough cement in the hopper, the driver hops (is that why they call it a hopper?) on the back and guides it to where the cement needs to dumped.

Our driver is doing pretty well getting the cart into the exact place it needs to be – you can see in the pictures below the cement has been dumped and they are starting to flatten it out. ¬†The only thing…in case you ever find yourself needing to operate one of these little babies…

…is that you need to keep it on the track and not let it go too far….

Because…if you don’t….you get stuck…

…and it’s all hands on deck to help Puuuushhh and Puulllll. ¬†Everyone tried to help because they needed to get the cart out of the way so that the cement could be flattened out before it started hardening. ¬†You can see Mr. Fifty Shades in the bottom of the picture below placing a piece of wood underneath one of the wheels to help them get some traction.

At last, success.  Lots of team work there.  Yay Team!

Now they flatten ¬†and level out the cement into all the spaces. ¬†It’s hard and messy work.

The crew boss watches as more cement is poured.

Now the boss goes to work using this float that smooths out the surface.

The crew worked most of the day Рthey were all in constant motion making sure it was all flattened out and smooth so that it could dry properly.  It looks great!

Up next – Mr. Fifty Shades of Green Acres finishes up the mower garage and embarks on a new project.

Until next time,

Fifty Shades of Green Acres Crew




…and Drama Ensued

With the construction of the new workshop, the activity level spiked in our little piece of the world – we’ve had lots of stuff happenin’ here! ¬†The dimensions of the workshop are 24′ by 50′. ¬†Mr. Fifty Shades of Green Acres drew up the plans and then hired the builder who built our house for the construction. ¬†Within a couple days the framing was completed and gravel dumped to provide a base for the cement floor. ¬†Then – time for the trusses to go up.

Truss me on this – watching the last truss get installed made me go weak at the knees…

Here are the four guys working on it – they first walked it up…

There’s a lot of switching positions in order to make sure there’s somebody in the right place to raise it to the next point.

Once the truss is in place the guys on each end use monster nail guns to secure it..

It was quite the dramatic, nerve wracking scene for me to watch. ¬†They proceeded with great calm as they completed this part of the job. ¬†Phew! ¬†While all this was going on, our quiet little country road turned into Grand Central Station…

A logging truck drove by…

BB, the beagle, wandered over to see what was going on

And our neighbor and his nephew came over to borrow a jack.

We haven’t seen this much action since….well…Ever!

And, if you think this was exciting – our next installment involves a cement truck!

Until next time,

Fifty Shades of Green Acres Team


My Midsummer Night’s Dream

My midsummer night’s dream…

Getting ready for our evening walk with our well behaved dogs…


…Mr. Fifty Shades went outside before me. ¬†A few minutes later, he stuck his head in the door and said, “Honey bunch, you better get a sweater, it’s a bit chilly out here.”

…And, then I woke up. ¬†It was all a delirious dream. ¬†It’s hot and steamy here and has been so for FOREVER. ¬†Has it been hot where you are? ¬†Part of our desire to move up here was to enjoy the cooler weather. ¬†In wishing for a cool down, we know we’re not alone – the whole country has been enduring the high temps. The heat must be due to the nonexistent climate change. ¬†That’s all I can think.

Just for something fun to occupy his time, Mr. Fifty Shades began a new project. ¬†This mower has earned its keep and should not endure the indignity of having to share space in our garage…see how pathetic this is?…


After it was¬†determined that this tough little mower deserved a building of its own, Mr. Fifty Shades designed the building and began laying it out. The Deere’s new digs will feature a garage door and two additional doors, electricity, three windows, a 50 inch television, and a spa. ¬†Ha!

Coincidentally and concurrently with the planning, our 14 year old (soon to be 15) friend was looking for a way to earn some money this summer. ¬†Wow – don’t you love coincidences? ¬†Mr. Fifty Shades and his young assistant tackled the job…

20160713_150212 1 20160713_150258 1

…and the rest of the summer is kind of a blurry, humid, impossibly scorching span of time.

20160713_190001 1 DSC_0038DSC_0033

20160724_192956 1 DSC_0035

DSC_0002 (3) DSC_0005 (4) DSC_0006 (3) DSC_0019 (3)

Here is the status as of today:


…still some work to be done, but Mr. Fifty Shades believes it will be move in ready in about six weeks or so. ¬†We are all so happy for Mr. Deere.

In milestone news, these are the three little chicks that hatched on June 12th. ¬†They grow up so fast…

Time will tell if¬†they are hens or roosters (they aren’t saying).


Until next time,

Fifty Shades of Green Acres