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The Anticlimactic Apple and Other Stories

After all our waiting and patience and hope for being able to pick our one beautiful apple off the tree, it fell.  It fell right off the doggone tree like the other one.  This particular kind of apple was described as late to ripen, so we thought it wouldn’t be ready to pick from the tree until October.  So, when we walked by the tree and did not see our coveted apple, we were sad.  We found it – a little banged up from the fall, and brought it in the house.  The apple was put in a place of honor, which was coincidentally high enough to avoid any unfortunate tasting events.  


By the time we trimmed off the bad spots, we had five little slices.  They were really good little slices – sweet and crispy.  Maybe next year, we’ll double our crop and have four apples.

In other news, as promised, Mr. Fifty Shades began a new project.  Last year, he laid outdoor carpeting on our screened in porch.  It looked really great…for a few months – until the first rain and snow occurred and boots and doggie paws put a real hurt on that carpet.  Then, one day Sage heard some tweets coming from below the carpet.  The sound drove her into a tizzy and she began to dig with all her heart to get to the tweets (little birds building a nest).  So, in addition to dirty carpet, there was also a hole in the middle of it.  We decided to install vinyl plank flooring.  

It is so easy to do!  Really a cinch.

First, you tear out the old carpet.  Sorry – no pictures, but you are not missing much.

Then, you put down Hardieboard.  20150902_192240


Next, you tape all the edges and make chalk lines so you know where to put the planks.


You start installing the planks, but decide that you need to put down another type of backing to support the planks. So you remove all the planks you’ve placed and put down the orange backing.  Then, when things still aren’t working right, you figure out the installation instructions have it backwards, which is what is causing the problem.  

So – you tear it out again and start over. 

20150906_112244 20150906_112223

See how easy?  

When you get done, sit back, admire, and have a coffee break with your best buddy.


We have noticed that this flooring has a peculiar design flaw.  Within minutes of cleaning, doggie paw prints occur. Hmmm….

As you can see, from the picture above, we still have lots of tomatoes.  We’ve experimented with another way to preserve them – dehydrating.

Here are six trays of small paste tomatoes.


Six hours later…


The flavor is really intense.  We put them in the freezer and will pull them out for soups and stews throughout the year.

Next week, we are looking forward to fall weather – with low’s in the 40’s and 50’s.

Until next time,

Fifty Shades of Green Acres Team