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The Scout Report

Some updates since my last report…

20150614_195437 (2)


In addition to engaging in lots of horseplay, Sage and I have been busy.

First, we must post a correction.  A gross misunderestimation occurred when it was reported there was one lone apple on one of our trees.  A recount was held and we can certify that there are two apples on this tree.  Since Mr. & Mrs. Fifty Shades hail from the land of hanging chads, I guess it’s not such a surprise.  Sage and I stand by (or lie near) the current count of two.  


The next bit of news has us really excited.

20150613_102835 (2)

Mr. Fifty Shades is building a new chicken coop.



We’ll be receiving some new little chicks in early July and he thought the current coop might get a little crowded. 20150613_102729


So, we’ve been busy planning, sawing, and constructing the new digs.  



It can be exhausting – especially in this heat. But, we persevere since Mr. Fifty Shades really needs the help.  


20150613_110725 1

Mrs. Fifty Shades informed me that this coop is going to be the Taj Mahal of all chicken coops.  I believe that means it’s going to be kind of fancy and grand.  We’ll be keeping you apprised of the progress on this one.  

20150614_202959 (2)

Until Next Time,

Scout (and Sage)



Let Me Tell You ‘Bout….

The birds…

  • Hummingbirds.  Mr. Fifty Shades installed a couple hummingbird feeders and we get to see them outside our kitchen windows.  We get to watch them fly in and grab some nectar while we’re eating.  When they first started appearing, I would say, “There’s a little hummingbird.”  But, as they are all “little,” I have revised my commentary.  🙂

Hummingbird for CD

20150608_123158 (2) 20150608_123156 (2) 20150608_123149 (2) 20150608_123134 (3) 20150608_123134 (2)

Here is the bluebird house we built last year – but, instead of bluebirds, a tree swallow family moved in….you can see one peeking out from the house…20150510_115549 20150510_115542

They have almost neon blue feathers and they are beautiful – but, watch out!  Mom & Pop keep a close eye on their home and will dive bomb those who venture too close.

…and the bees


Our five bee hives remain healthy and active.  We hope to harvest honey later this summer.

….and the flowers


We haven’t planted any flowers (yet), but, the wildflowers du jour are the Black Eyed Susans – they are all over the place!

…and the trees


Our first winter here we planted twelve apple trees.  We’ve had no fruit yet until this year.  At last, success!  Yep, you are looking at the one and only apple.  We sure hope it’s good!

Until next time,

Fifty Shades of Green Acres Team