The Egg and I

So – right now, I’m doing a load of laundry.  I wasn’t really intending to do laundry today, but, well….

2015-02-19 13.59.21

Scout, Sage, and I were going for a walk.  Since it was about 15 degrees, I had to get properly dressed.  When I went to retrieve my jacket, hanging from a hook in the laundry room, I noticed a yellowish stain on the floor beneath it.   The stain was about the size of a penny and the consistency of hand lotion.  “I wonder what in the world that is,” I pondered.  I was all dressed to go out, but, I took the time to clean up the little stain with some paper towels and went on my merry way with the dogs.  When we got outside, the dogs ran up to me – they love me so, I thought. Then, they both started licking at my jacket pocket.  They wouldn’t quit licking at my pocket – you would have thought a rare delicacy hid inside.  It was then I discovered an enticing find for our pups was indeed inside my jacket pocket.  It was an egg, oozing in all its crushed and scrambled glory from my pocket.  It felt particularly nice to handle slimy mess in the sub-freezing temps.

Earlier in the day, I had retrieved the egg from the nest box and put it in my pocket for safe keeping. Ha.  As soon as I placed it in my pocket, the egg was off my radar screen.  I tackled the next chore – bringing a couple loads of firewood onto our porch.  Loading up firewood is something I do with not much grace and so, the unfortunate egg became a casualty.  Poor egg.  

2015-02-19 14.00.03

The Egg and I – it’s a fun to read book from the 1940’s.  It was also a movie with Claudette Colbert. But, today, I channeled author Betty MacDonald with my own egg story.  


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  1. If you have left your jacket outside, the egg would have frozen, possibly making it easier to remove ☺

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