My Spa Weekend

July 19 - a 001

This weekend, Mr. & Mrs. Fifty Shades took off together (apparently this was a big deal) and visited friends and family for a couple days.  This enabled me to enjoy a well earned retreat away from these two…

20150506_144340 (2)

My spa weekend included eating my favorite nibbles and enjoying some power naps and then just regular long sleeps, interspersed with roaming through the house soaking in the peace and quiet.  I also basked and preened.

20150824_093107 20150824_093121

It was a terrific weekend.  When they returned yesterday afternoon, Mr. & Mrs. Fifty Shades said they had a wonderful weekend, t0o!  Here are pictures of the family and friends they visited.


Mrs. Fifty Shades drew the likenesses above since she FORGOT TO TAKE PICTURES with her camera.  She was MAD at herself for not remembering to get her camera out, so this will have to do, she said.

I can report that while they were gone, the new chicks and the old more mature chicks bonded beautifully…


…and that one of the two apples fell.  As you might expect, it did not fall far from the tree…

20150823_16452520150823_164451 20150823_164505

Even though it might not yet be ripe, Mr. & Mrs. Fifty Shades are going to eat it and will let us all know how it tasted.

This morning, I was informed that I should enjoy the quietude because it was about to end.  This didn’t please me…


….however, I guess there is some pleasure in realizing that things are getting back to normal.

2015-02-05 15.32.26

Until next time…