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Oops.  Miscount.  Math has never been my strong suit.  There are four chicks that need names, not three.

So far, we like Buttercup, Bubbelle (feminine for Bubba), Prudence and Josephine.   But, please send more ideas.  And, thanks to the many thousands (see note above regarding math skills) of you who’ve sent in your suggestions already!!

You may want to see her picture since she looks so completely different from the others…that’s Chick Four in the foreground:

july 2013 - 28 070


Meet Henrietta

Meet Henrietta.

july 2013 - 28 034

Henrietta is one tough little chicken – let’s just say she is a survivor.

july 2013 - 28 034

She’s the leader, the CEO, of our little team of egg laying chicks. 


Meet Murphy.

july 2013 - 28 037 july 2013 - 28 038

We don’t know if Murphy is a boy or a girl  – bur for now Murphy is part of the chick crew. 

Henrietta and Murphy moved into spacious new quarters today

july 2013 - 28 054 july 2013 - 28 053

with three roommates.

 You’ll see that they all have distinctive and unique qualities.

july 2013 - 28 058 july 2013 - 28 040 july 2013 - 28 049


They all got together for a private meeting this afternoon.

july 2013 - 28 046

And decided they would like a little help with names. 

What should we name the three other chicks?  

Help our chick team!  Send your wonderful name ideas under comments. 

We’re Seeing Red!

july 2013 - 3 061

Our tomatoes are starting to turn red!!

Our color spectrum is not limited to red, however.  We are also seeing all the colors of the rainbow…

july 2013 - 3 048

Roll Out the Barrels


Roll out the barrels, we want to float on the pond

july 11 - 2013-18 033july 11 - 2013-18 035


Roll out the barrels, of this new craft we’ll be fond

 july 11 - 2013-18 021july 11 - 2013-18 022

Zing boom tararrel, ring out a song of good cheer

 july 11 - 2013-18 025july 11 - 2013-18 028

We’ve got some floatin’ barrels, for when the gang’s all here!

july - 2013-18-2 012 july - 2013-18-2 011



Happy National Ice Cream Day!

Yes – in case you forgot, it’s National Ice Cream Day!  In fact, the whole month of July is National Ice Cream Month!!!  You have probably not even realized this and let the previous 20 days go by without a proper celebration.  So – correct that situation, pronto.

And, in honor of the day, you can participate in the following two scientific polls regarding your ice cream preferences:


Now – think outside the box – what is your favorite “other” flavor?  What do you get if you go to an ice cream shop?  There are some possibilities in the poll below.  Personally, I’d have a hard time deciding between two flavors I remember enjoying very much.   One is pecan praline.  In a land far, far away, I used to travel to New Orleans for my job.  All the experiences and food in that city were fantastic.  I am almost ashamed to admit, though, that planned into my schedule on every trip was a visit to the wonderful ice cream shop at the airport of all places.  When it was time to fly home, I made sure that I arrived in plenty of time to order a pecan praline cone.  I don’t like to get in a rut, however, so for variety, I sometimes ordered it in a cup.  The other memorable flavor is a great blueberry ice cream that I luckily ordered when my husband and I were visiting with his parents, heard ice cream calling our names, and answered the call at a little shop near their home.

Whatever your favorite is, have your best National Ice Cream Day ever!!!





What’s growing on?

Summer is here and we’ve got lots of things growing…

Rose of Sharon bush

Rose of Sharon bush

Rose of Sharon

Rose of Sharon




july 11 - 2013-18 005 Tomatoes

Look real hard - there is a cantaloupe there!

Look real hard – there is a cantaloupe there!



Wherever you are, hope things are growing well for you!



Pics of Chicks

You came to the right place for chick pics.  OK – not that kind!

They arrive packed in a box, all huddled together, yellow and soft and chirping.

june 2013-5 034


They have to learn how to drink and to eat…it doesn’t take them very long and they are expert at it.


june 2013-5 057

Then, they decide they want to explore

And, inevitably…they start growing up and develop a real attitude!