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Oh Deer! Standing Room Only

Mr. Fifty Shades reporting:  Here at Fifty Shades we purchase little of our meat from the grocer.  We grow and harvest our own broilers for our chicken dishes and for red meat I hunt deer during the open season.  Most of my hunting is done from a stand.   This year I decided, while in the stand, to take a few photos with my handy cellphone.(which works much better as a camera than a phone in most places on our property)



Early in the season and early in the morning.  The fog is beginning to lift from the valley floor and rising to the ridge

IMG_20151111_070400121 IMG_20151111_074314670

The fog has begun to reach me and penetrate the forest as the sun tries to peek through.

IMG_20151103_081602190 IMG_20151103_081417968]

You can tell that it’s early in the season.  The leaves are still hanging on the oaks, maples, poplars and hickories.


IMG_20151121_083327657 IMG_20151111_073523525

These shots are a few weeks later than the early season photos.  You can still see the fog rising from the valley but the leaves have all fallen.

We have a lot of deer on our property.  We see several almost every night in the pasture when Scout and Sage take us on our walks.  We also seem to see them all over the  property when the season is over.  You’ll note that you didn’t see any in the photos from the stand.  I think they were waiting until January to visit us in our yard.

DSC_0001 DSC_0011

These were of a young “button” buck taken from the front porch looking south at what we consider our front yard.  The snow is still on the ground where the shade of a north slope prevents the warm sun from thawing things.



These were taken at the same time as the one above, but taken looking east where our southern slope is warmed by the sun on all but the worst of days.



Many of you will be happy to know that hunting season was not successful this year.  Thank goodness last year was a good year and we have plenty of provisions to take us through until fall.