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Can You Beelieve It?

Things are buzzin’ around here.  Yep, our bees arrived yesterday.

They arrive in little boxes with screens in them, like this.  We drove about 30 miles with three of these “bee packages” in our back seat.

april 2014 - 27 083

When we got home, we put them in the shade and got to work getting the hives ready.

april 2014 - 27 007


Then, it’s time to open up the bee package.  There is a can in the middle of the package with sugar water in it.


april 2014 - 27 027


The first step is to remove the can.


april 2014 - 27 087


Next, the queen bee resides in a nice little container within the package.  Here it is with lots of bees hanging on.

april 2014 - 27 104


Here is the queen’s residence cleaned up a bit.

april 2014 - 27 107


And, here the queen is being placed inside the hive where she will will be protected and she will lay lots of eggs.  Each hive has only one queen.

april 2014 - 27 105

Now it’s time to get the other bees (drones and workers) into the hive.   So, carefully,  turn the bee package upside down and gently shake, shake, shake.

april 2014 - 27 062

april 2014 - 27 073

april 2014 - 27 127

They need to have their nectar, so we then fill a mason jar with the sugar water…

april 2014 - 27 088

…secure a cap with small holes in it so the nectar can drip out, and then place that upside down in a specially made container.

Then, it’s time to put the cover on the hive and let the bees get settled in and situated.

april 2014 - 27 080


We bought three bee packages, so the steps above were repeated two more times.  We have two Langstroth hives (more traditional) and Mr. Fifty Shades built a “Top Bar” hive which is a little bit different (on the right).april 2014 - 15 054


If all goes well, we’ll have some honey to harvest in about six months to a year.

Beelieve it or not, that’s what’s happening now at Fifty Shades of Green Acres.

More later..





Spring Experiences

Some of our spring experiences…

* Snow on April 15!  Yes, it’s true!  Prediction for tomorrow’s temperature:  26 degrees!!!

april 2014 - 15 062 april 2014 - 15 060

* Growing tomatoes from seeds…

They start out here as seeds in these little pellets…

april 2014 - 15 066

Then, they move into roomier pots…

april 2014 - 15 065

…where we keep them under lights in our basement.  We move them outside for a few hours a day to get them used to the outside weather.  If all goes as planned, we’ll be planting them outside in early May.  Then, before you know it….’mater sandwiches here I come.  : )

* Pear blossoms

april 2014 - 15 011

The trees were full of blossoms last week and a few days ago they blew off like little white butterflies.  Now we see signs of pears starting to form.

* Herding Chickens

It was time to relocate the chicken’s home to a new location so they have new ground to forage.  The hens love their new place…they can see a lot more of the property from this vantage point…

april 2014 - 15 024


…but…the hens tend to want to find out what’s going on outside the netted fencing.  So, somehow, they find a way out and then, they desperately want to find their way home.  The result is…

herding chickens…

april 2014 - 15 033

Where am I?

Hey, where are we?

Hey, where are we?

Then, we chase the chicks back to their pen…


…Run waddle, run, waddle home, little girls

april 2014 - 15 039 april 2014 - 15 037 april 2014 - 15 038

* Red Bud Trees blooming…

In a week, we went from a few little flowers emerging…

april 2014 - 15 017


to this…

april 2014 - 15 045 april 2014 - 15 044

Wherever you are, we hope you’re having a happy spring!!