Let Me Tell You ‘Bout….

The birds…

  • Hummingbirds.  Mr. Fifty Shades installed a couple hummingbird feeders and we get to see them outside our kitchen windows.  We get to watch them fly in and grab some nectar while we’re eating.  When they first started appearing, I would say, “There’s a little hummingbird.”  But, as they are all “little,” I have revised my commentary.  🙂

Hummingbird for CD

20150608_123158 (2) 20150608_123156 (2) 20150608_123149 (2) 20150608_123134 (3) 20150608_123134 (2)

Here is the bluebird house we built last year – but, instead of bluebirds, a tree swallow family moved in….you can see one peeking out from the house…20150510_115549 20150510_115542

They have almost neon blue feathers and they are beautiful – but, watch out!  Mom & Pop keep a close eye on their home and will dive bomb those who venture too close.

…and the bees


Our five bee hives remain healthy and active.  We hope to harvest honey later this summer.

….and the flowers


We haven’t planted any flowers (yet), but, the wildflowers du jour are the Black Eyed Susans – they are all over the place!

…and the trees


Our first winter here we planted twelve apple trees.  We’ve had no fruit yet until this year.  At last, success!  Yep, you are looking at the one and only apple.  We sure hope it’s good!

Until next time,

Fifty Shades of Green Acres Team







Heart to Heart to Heart

Recently at Fifty Shades of Green Acres (and a few hundred miles away), some events transpired that caused a little heart action…..

 Heart Stopping

Yesterday, as we walked to our mailbox, we saw this…



…a swarm of bees on one of our young apple trees.

We scrambled into our bee gear and sprang into action.  Springing into action involved a cardboard box, HELD BY ME, just below the tree branch with the bees. Yes…Held. By. Me.

Mr. Fifty Shades then firmly tapped the branch and the bees kind of dumped into the box.  This was followed by a  bee symphony buzzing by our ears and hundreds of bees in wild flight all around us.    Mr. Fifty Shades took the box and strolled over to the bee hives…


20150505_134545 20150505_134452

…turned the box upside down, giving it a firm tap to “encourage” the bees to go into the hive.  We repeated this bee hive scene about five more times before we had most of the bees transferred from the tree to the hive.

Here’s a closer look at the tree following the transfer of most of the bees…


Bees are a bit persnickety about their living quarters, so at this point, we don’t know if they’ll remain in the hive.  We sure hope so.

Joyful Heart

This day – this moment – this beautiful girl – heart pounding pride and happiness.  WOW!!!

20150503_124751 (2)

Until next time,

The 50 Shades of Green Acres Crew!

50 Shades of Green Acres Update

Things you may be wondering…

mar 2014 - 10 023

What happens when your buddy tries to catch a wasp?  

A swollen snout appears.   Trust Scout on this.

What’s going on with the bee house?

The center support for the roof is on…

June 2014 - 10 003 June 2014 - 10 004


June 2014 - 10 009

This could be Mr. Fifty Shades or Tim the Tool Man’s Neighbor…

June 2014 - 10 010

Why did the chickens cross the road?

June 2014 - 10 019June 2014 - 10 020

…to follow Scout and Mr. Fifty Shades, of course…

June 2014 - 10 022


What is in the background that will be in an upcoming future post with big news?  

You’ll have to stay tuned!

Until next time…

Fifty Shades of Green Acres Team









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Difficult to Watch, Easy on the Eyes

When you have a few acres to tend, the chores are endless and can be physically demanding.  Some are even difficult to watch – like this….



June 2014 - 3 026 June 2014 - 3 025


…I was assured, however, that it was much easier to watch, and I will believe that without having to check it out myself.

Other events are more fun to observe.  This floor was once at the back of the house, originally planned to be a storage closet,

mar 2014 - 10 005


but it has been moved, expanded, and re-purposed here…

June 2014 - 3 002


…beside the beehives.

Next, walls and a roof will go up to create a shed for beekeeping equipment.  First, though, the floor needed to be checked out to be sure it was solid…

June 2014 - 3 023 June 2014 - 3 012


June 2014 - 3 020


Yep…it’s all good.

Until next time,

Fifty Shades of Green Acres