What’s Been Happenin’

When the hay bales dot the field near our house, it’s a sign for us that spring is here and summer is fast approaching.


We’ve been busy, working on our garden:

This little guy supervised me as I was working in the garden. I think he has his eye out for an upcoming tasty morsel or two.


We planted 75 strawberry plants!

Lettuce in containers



Future Tomatoes! We are optimists.

Baby corn stalks.




And, we’ve also been busy with other activities.

A few months ago, Mr. Fifty Shades picked up a special delivery – a new item for his shop:

Exciting new projects await this new table saw and its owner:










Shop Fox – do they mean the saw or its owner?


If you didn’t think things could get any better – well, they could because Mr. Fifty Shades installed an aerator in our pond.¬† If you live in the big city, a pond can also be referred to as a water feature. ūüôā This was needed to reduce algae, provide more oxygen for the fish (bass and blue gill) and in general create a healthier pond:


First, he laid out and constructed a deck near the spring.

Next, he built a chest to house the motor and wired up the electrical system.

The chest sits on top of the newly constructed deck.

Finally, time to paddle out…

…and gently place the aerator in the water…

The aerator runs on a timer and we have it on a schedule of about 12 hours overnight and once for about 15 minutes during the day.¬† You can see the surface of the pond bubbling away.¬† So far, it’s made a big difference in the way the pond looks and the fish have given it a two fins up approval rating!!

That’s it for now, but more to come soon.

Until next time,






Life in the Slow Lane

We’ve been here for a little while now and thought it was time to install a few amenities…maybe a screened indoor pool would be nice…

….Mr. Fifty Shades thought it would be a good idea to add some chicks...

He always said he was a chick magnet…and, well…after a trip to the post office, he returned with proof!

Each of these little fuzzy little creatures needs to be taught to drink water first thing…

…and then they kind of figure things out from there…

Gathering at the water cooler


Ah…here’s where the food is!

The heat lamp is attached to a thermostat that is on its way to a temperature of 95 degrees, keeping these chicks at the warm and cozy temperature they need to thrive for their first few weeks.

In other news, our neighbor’s cow and her calf are grazing on a section of our property for a little while and they are always ready for a photo op…¬†¬†

Until next time,

Fifty Shades of Green Acres Team


First Day, Second Day

Greetings from Fifty Shades of Green Acres!

Yesterday, the first day of Spring… 50 degree temps, sunny skies, and signs of what awaits us as the earth warms up…

Blossoms on Peach Trees

Pear Tree Blossoms

Grape Hyacinth


We also noticed a sign that we are hoping will entice the blue birds to take up residence.

Mr. Fifty Shades built a second blue bird house this year because for the past couple years, tree swallows moved the blue birds out of the one house we set up.¬† We read that if there are two houses the two types of birds will live happily next to each other.¬† So – here’s hoping!!!

Today, the second day of spring – the world looks much different…

Even so, we’re working on various projects in anticipation of the season…these are tomato and pepper seeds that have germinated in our basement. These babies will be going into the ground in May.¬†¬†

Also, Mr. Fifty Shades is working hard in his workshop to enclose his office and he’s making a lot of progress…

Until next time, friends…enjoy your spring!

Fifty Shades of Green Acres Team

Snow….and other stories!

The new year started great for us.

We had special visitors…

…who somehow coaxed the hens out of their moody molting marathon.¬† Yes, it’s true…since January 3rd, our hens began laying eggs again!

Yesterday was the first day we’ve had enough eggs to fill up a carton since October.¬† Yay!


Also yesterday…it snowed.¬† These pictures were taken after a couple hours of snow.¬† We love watching the flakes settle and gently cover the trees and the ground.

I tried to get Mr. Fifty Shades and the puppies to pose in front of these fir trees, but this was the best we could manage.  Somehow posing for the camera is not on their agenda.

What seems to be a top priority is eating snow off the deck…

In other news, I am now in a temporary cast.  Mr. Fifty Shades found some exercises on YouTube for me to strengthen my wrist.  The guy who posted the exercises used this routine five to six times a day after his cast was removed and shared that after 2.5 months he was able to do handstands and after 3.5 months, cartwheels.  This is exciting for me to anticipate since I have never been able to do either!

Stay warm, friends.

Until next time,


The Scout Report – Winter is here…and other stuff

Hi Everyone from Fifty Shades of Green Acres!

Sage has been re-thinking her role in Mrs. Fifty Shades’ broken wrist and she would like to present…some Alternative Facts.

No we are not kidding…

Alternative Facts – by Sage

Fact:¬† When the “incident” occurred, Mrs. Fifty Shades was looking here in the nest boxes, which is where the chickens lay their eggs.

Fact:¬† There were no eggs…because for a couple months the chickens have been molting – kind of like shedding their feathers and growing new feathers (see below how much lighter the new feathers are on their bodies compared to the feathers near their heads).¬† During this process they stop laying eggs.

The situation is so dire that Mr. and Mrs. Fifty Shades have actually had to Buy Eggs.  Like from the grocery store!

Fact:¬† If the chickens had been laying eggs like they are supposed to, Mrs. Fifty Shades would have already gotten her egg supply for the day and would have been paying attention to me.¬† Therefore….the cause of the incident is completely due to the selfish ol’ hens.¬† So there.

Well – there you have it, folks.¬† A compelling set of facts and we’ll just leave it there.

Winter has arrived and it has been pretty swell here.¬† Today, Sage and I enjoyed one of our favorite treats…licking the tiny layer of snow that fell¬† onto our deck last night.¬† Yummy.¬† It did not get above freezing here today, plus, more cold weather on the way.¬† YAY!

We sure enjoy sharing all the news from our little part of the world.¬† Used to be we thought readers from as far away places as Florida…and Arkansas – were as remote as we could imagine!¬† But now, we have a new reader, resulting in an international fan base – a friend from Russia following our blog.

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, Mr. & Mrs. Fifty Shades join us in sending everyone our warmest greetings for the holidays and the new year.

Until next time,

Fifty Shades of Green Acres Team

The Scout Report

We’re loving the crisp, cool, fall days here at Fifty Shades of Green Acres.¬† By now, most of the trees have lost their leaves but we want to share a few pictures taken at the beginning of this month (the autumn colors came late this year):

At this time of year, we can see straight through the trees to see when the mail carrier has delivered our mail; during spring and summer we try to listen for her car since the trees hide our mailbox which is about 1/4 mile from our house.

Sage and I have news to share about excitement on our property this week:

Monday – Horse in the yard

Tuesday – Cows in the yard

Wednesday – Cow in the yard

Thursday – Neighbor working on his fence to keep cows and horses where they belong

As a result of these incidents, Mr. and Mrs. Fifty Shades need to watch where they step during our walks.  Sage and I just think it gives us more places to sniff with gusto.  FUN TIMES!!!

In other news,

Mr. Fifty Shades continues to work on his shop:¬† You can see here that he’s made progress on the electric panel

“Soon” there will be internet down here, with “soon” being a relative term.¬† Mr. Fifty Shades put an order in for the hook-up about three months ago.¬† But, all of you who know us know that we are extremely patient here at Fifty Shades of Green Acres.

Next post, be on the lookout for:

  • the great moving worktable
  • the molting revolt or the revolting molt

Until then, enjoy fall wherever you are…

Fifty Shades of Green Acres Team






Before the Leaves Leave


Cooler temperatures, vibrant colors – delicious! ¬†Before the leaves float away on¬†the fall winds, making their annual descent to cover the ground, here are a few of¬†the sights we’ve been admiring:

dsc_0007 dsc_0004

dsc_0002 dsc_0001


These little guys are taking in the views as well:


Blue Jay found himself an acorn!


Do you think the birds will pose for me one day? ¬†I’d like to get some close-ups better pics!

Until next time,

Fifty Shades of Green Acres