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We eased into winter this year…milder temperatures made up the meteorological landscape in December and January.  Then February arrived – and ka-boom!

Snow was far as the eye could see…

IMG_20150221_113009825 20150226_094331


One day, Mrs. Fifty Shades attempted to slide down the snowy hill inside a (clean) trash can lid. Please note the word “attempted” as it did not occur. Someone mentioned something about bottom heaviness (and then ran away).   No pictures, but, your imagination will probably do justice to what a wild ride this would have been.  

We think we may have gotten over 20 inches of snow.  The locals say they don’t ever remember this much snow in such a short period.  For about three weeks, we could not safely drive down the gravel driveway leading from our house.  Actually, for about 10 days, we couldn’t even see the gravel driveway leading from our house.  Our mail didn’t get delivered for five days.  Sometimes, we didn’t know which way to turn…


But, we stayed cozy and warm inside the house…


…and ate up a lot of the food we had in our freezer or had canned last summer.  One day, in between snow storms we ventured carefully down the drive and went to the grocery store to replenish our supplies.  Before we left, we realized that even though we would be able to drive out, we probably would not be able to drive back up due to the accumulation of snow.  Mr. Fifty Shades was all prepared for this and I know this is shocking news to all of you.  When we returned, and indeed couldn’t get up the drive, he hopped on the tractor, put our groceries in the front end loader and delivered the goods safely to the house.  Mr. Fifty Shades is a man with a plan for every occasion.  

A week ago, two inches of snow fell.  Since then, we’ve watched the snow melt and then observed (and heard) the icy snow thaw and drop off our roof with some dramatic thuds!


Fast forward to this week…warmer temps and a couple sunny days gave us a chance to….

…enjoy beautiful yellow (lellow) wildflowers near our spring…


….hang a bluebird house…




…and, play and do the happy dance…





Until next time,

Fifty Shades of Green Acres Team