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Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow…

…or Ph. D….(Piled Higher and Deeper)


Hi there,

Before the predicted power outage occurs, we are posting a quick update.  On top of about five inches of snow earlier in the week, today brought a blanket of another five to six inches.  Icy rain is on the way and some flooding should follow.  We have plenty of firewood and are tucked away enjoying the views and grateful we don’t need to be anywhere anytime soon.

Here’s what we are seeing…

IMG_20150221_113009825 20150221_115350



20150221_115050 20150221_115155




The dogs ran out to romp and play in the foot deep accumulation…they absolutely loved it.  The snow and ice clung to Scout’s fur and then fell off in small balls of ice…


Ice falling from Scout’s underside



Slight coating of snow inside our screened in porch – the better to see doggie paw prints.


Now, they are recovering from their snowy adventures…


…inside, nice and warm and cozy.

We’ll catch you on the other side of this weather system.

Until next time,

50 Shades of Green Acres


The Egg and I

So – right now, I’m doing a load of laundry.  I wasn’t really intending to do laundry today, but, well….

2015-02-19 13.59.21

Scout, Sage, and I were going for a walk.  Since it was about 15 degrees, I had to get properly dressed.  When I went to retrieve my jacket, hanging from a hook in the laundry room, I noticed a yellowish stain on the floor beneath it.   The stain was about the size of a penny and the consistency of hand lotion.  “I wonder what in the world that is,” I pondered.  I was all dressed to go out, but, I took the time to clean up the little stain with some paper towels and went on my merry way with the dogs.  When we got outside, the dogs ran up to me – they love me so, I thought. Then, they both started licking at my jacket pocket.  They wouldn’t quit licking at my pocket – you would have thought a rare delicacy hid inside.  It was then I discovered an enticing find for our pups was indeed inside my jacket pocket.  It was an egg, oozing in all its crushed and scrambled glory from my pocket.  It felt particularly nice to handle slimy mess in the sub-freezing temps.

Earlier in the day, I had retrieved the egg from the nest box and put it in my pocket for safe keeping. Ha.  As soon as I placed it in my pocket, the egg was off my radar screen.  I tackled the next chore – bringing a couple loads of firewood onto our porch.  Loading up firewood is something I do with not much grace and so, the unfortunate egg became a casualty.  Poor egg.  

2015-02-19 14.00.03

The Egg and I – it’s a fun to read book from the 1940’s.  It was also a movie with Claudette Colbert. But, today, I channeled author Betty MacDonald with my own egg story.  

The Scout Report

As you may have heard, I got skunked a few days ago.  I heard, “Boy, you sure do stink” a lot until my second bath.  You know things are getting better when you hear, “Wow, you don’t stink as much.”  My new bff, Sage, helped out while the bathing festivities occurred.  

2015-02-13 12.46.39 2015-02-13 12.47.09


Today, it’s snowing.  

2015-02-16 13.01.18 2015-02-16 13.00.49

This is just regular snow.  Later tonight, we’re supposed to have a hard snow.  Sage and I are really looking forward to it.  I think Mrs. Fifty Shades is, too.  On our last walk down the hill, she liked the snow so much, she slid right down and sat on it, exclaiming, “This snow is sure slick!”  

2015-02-16 13.02.22


The chickens don’t like the snow…they refused to leave their coop and demanded delivery for all their meals today.  

2015-02-16 13.46.04

They are such chickens about the weather.  

Stay warm, everyone!

Until next time,


Sage Advice


Hi.  It’s me – Sage.

Here’s my advice for everyone today:





Last night, on our last evening walk, Scout and I encountered a stinky ol’ skunk.  Unfortunately, Scout got sprayed all over by this black and white, hairy, and malodorous monster.  I have heard this happened once before.  Poor Scout.  When Mr. & Mrs. Fifty Shades got us in the house, we all immediately went into the bathroom where Mr. Fifty Shades applied this liberally all over Scout.

2015-02-12 10.27.19

Scout endured the indignity like the brave boy that he is.

2015-02-11 21.23.55

When we were done with this, we thought the odor was a little better.  But, the fumes from the critter were so pungent that no one could stand to be around Scout…including Scout!

I decided to go out on the porch to get away from it a bit, but Scout wanted to come out, too.  So, we stayed on the porch for a little while.  Around 3:00 a.m. Scout and I decided we needed to bark a little and we got invited inside.  Scout could not stay put.  He paced the floor all through the house in an effort to get away from the odor.  Mr. & Mrs. Fifty Shades figured they were up anyway, so maybe a second dose of the skunk odor remove and a bath would help out the poor miserable boy.  So – we all got together in the bathroom once again.  Scout was mighty patient, I have to say.  After his bath and lots of shaking dry, he settled down, although, we could all still smell that horrible smell.

Today, Scout’s still quite stinky but feeling a little better.  I’m sticking by him while he’s going through a tough time.  

2015-02-12 10.28.09 2015-02-12 10.27.57


When we took our morning walk we rolled in the grass trying to rid ourselves of the smell and then we scooted down the hill on our backs.

Mr. & Mrs. Fifty Shades are doing lots of laundry.  This is the towel triage center on the porch.

2015-02-12 10.28.18

Sage Wisdom:  There are worse things than smelling like a dog.

So long for now,





A few weeks ago, our neighbor came up the hill to consult with Mr. 50 Shades.  A short-haired, white dog with spotted black and white ears trotted up the hill beside him.  I wondered where the dog came from.  The same question occurred to our neighbor and he asked if we had a new dog.  No, we said, not us.  HOW SILLY WOULD THAT BE WHEN WE’VE GOT ALL THE DOG WE CAN HANDLE WITH SCOUT?  Following the consultation, our neighbor left, and we went inside, thinking the little dog would wander off.  When Mr. 50 Shades took Scout for an afternoon walk, the little white dog appeared.  She was a little timid at first, but then the two dogs played and chased each other for a while.  Scout tends to be kind of rough, but the little white dog, outweighed by about 25 pounds, was not one bit intimidated and, in fact, she kept coming back for more roughhousing.  On subsequent walks that day, the little dog was always there.  Mr. 50 Shades called around to see which of our neighbors owned this little gal.  Neighbor A said it belonged to Neighbor B; Neighbor B said it belonged to Neighbor C; Neighbor C pointed back to Neighbor B.  No one claimed her.  We started thinking through the options.  Mr. 50 Shades and I were on the same page in thinking that there was simply no way we could add another creature to our menagerie.  We made a call to the trainer who had helped us with Scout and were waiting to hear back from her.  In the meantime, we began a campaign to discourage the little one from staying with us.  Here are the things we did and each day we added more pressure to ensure that she move on:

  • We gave her a bowl of water.

She stayed.

  • We fed her.

She stayed.

  • We put a towel down outside the porch for her to lie on at night.

She stayed.

Nothing was working – we knew we had to increase our efforts and pull out all the stops, to persuade this sweet girl to leave us!

  • We put a towel down inside the screened in porch for her to lie on at night.

She stayed.

  • One night when the temperature was going to fall, we brought her inside the house to sleep.

Unbelievable – Yep – you guessed it – she stayed.

  • We bought her a toy.

I know.  Incredible.  She stayed.

Throughout all of this, we watched the interaction and bond between Scout and the little girl develop. Simply put, this little dog adores Scout.  If he noses the ground in search of an interesting smell, her nose is on the ground in search of an interesting smell.  If Scout stops to look up the hill at something, she stops to look up the hill, too.  He digs, she is right there beside him diggin.  If he stops playing with her, she will run up and instigate a play session.  She has had plenty of opportunity, but will not stray. Amazingly, Scout loves sharing his toys with her.  One of his favorites – a sock – now has a buddy on the other end to pull all around the family room.

Well – as you have probably guessed…as one last attempt to encourage her to leave, we decided to name her – “Sage”.

This little gal was stubborn, though, and this last effort ended with the same result.


Sage is a determined little pup and she has found herself a home.  Everyone here is happy about that.*

This week we took her to the vet.  She is about eight months old, healthy, and probably has some Catahoula Cur and terrier in her.

*Except Nutmeg.

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