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What in the world?

Aug 14 2014 011

It’s been a while since our last post.  Traveling and travelers got our blogging rhythm out of whack.  You’ve probably been wondering what in the world we’ve been up to…or to what we’ve been up…or…well, sometimes a sentence just screams out to be completed with a preposition.  🙂  Anyway, we’ve been “up to” a lot as you will see in our Summer Summary below!

The Official Ephemeral Photographer of Fifty Shades of Green Acres came for a visit…

July 27 035


She captured some beautiful shots…

031 045 026

and she also served in the capacity of Chief Assistant on Highly Sensitive Projects…

Our first try at a custard based homemade vanilla ice cream

July 27 014 July 27 028

We absolutely loved it – but, really – what’s not to love with whipping cream, half & half, sugar, eggs and vanilla.  One satisfied visitor declared, “It tastes just like Christmas.”  (P.S.  Thank you, Doris, for this fantastic recipe).  Plus, it makes a wonderful partner to this birthday cake…(and a tip of the hat to  Pioneer Woman for this decadent dessert idea).

Aug 18 2014 005


Picnic Table Construction

July 27 041

July 27 039 July 27 059 July 27 047

July 27 066

Picnic Table Completion Celebration – they look very level headed and the table is level, too!



Flimsy Bench Reconstruction

July 27 092 July 27 086

Someone was mighty worried that Mr. & Mrs. Fifty Shades might fall on their big…well, someone was concerned about our backsides meeting the ground if we plopped down too firmly on this bench.  So, all the slats were removed and…

Aug 14 2014 003

..Voila!  We now have a bench sturdy enough for the punishment we give it most everyday.

Tomato Parade

The growing season is drawing to a close for many crops, but we are still harvesting tomatoes.  Here is a look at the current tomato inventory from our garden the last few days.

Aug 18b 2014 004

We’ve used our tomatoes plus some we’ve gotten from a local farm to can tomatoes, tomato soup, and tomato sauce.

Aug 18a 2014 010 Aug 18a 2014 013


We loved seeing family up here, some for the first time and we hope not the last…

July 27 083 July 27 081


July 27 074

Scout & Company

Scout decided his favorite place to sit is right here…

July 27 069 July 27 071

Nutmeg continues to be our favorite Spice Girl,

July 19 - a 001

…the chicks are still laying eggs like crazy and the bees are buzzing all around.

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

Until next time…

Fifty Shades of Green Acres