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Chicks of the Hill

(To the tune of “King of the Road” with apologies to Roger Miller)…

Trailer on travel bent
Time to make us girls content
Pack up this traveling show
And let us get things on the go

sept2013 - 24 066

Ah but, we need some fertile ground
Make us plump, but not too big around
We are chicks of means by all means
Chicks of the hill
sept2013 - 24 076

Make Farmer earn his keep
Watch him run and stretch his reach
Soon he won’t have to beg
We’ll all reward him with an egg

sept2013 - 24 080 sept2013 - 24 079

New grass, fat worms and such
We don’t think we’ve asked too much
We are chicks of means by all means
Chicks of the hill

sept2013 - 24 091

Chicks in new location – they love it!

New lyrics by:

The Hill Chicks – Josie, Bubbette, Buttercup, Henrietta, Murphy & Lucy Ricardo

P.S.  If you are of a certain age, you will know this tune.  If you are not of a certain age, maybe your parents told you about phonograph records and 45’s (just a little bit bigger than cd’s) that they used to play on the record player or stereo.  You could even stack up a few and play maybe four or five songs in a row.  This was one of those songs that might have been played on the record player.  You can listen to it here:


A Walk in the Woods

A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bry….oops

A Walk in the Woods

by Scout

 The air is cool and crisp here in the mornings.

sept2013 - 24 001

A few days ago, we found a perfect day for a walk in the woods

sept2013 - 24 018

The leaves are turning beautiful colors…

sept2013 - 24 019sept2013 - 24 059

sept2013 - 24 008

The woods make us feel kind of small

sept2013 - 24 010

sept2013 - 24 020

The walk, chasing squirrels, and smelling new scents can be so exhilarating that sometimes you just have to lie down and take a break….

sept2013 - 24 046Yes, that is me underneath all those greenies. 

After the walk, I get brushed.  I love that – plus, the greenies are then on someone else. 

sept2013 - 24 065If you want to invent something like velcro or post it notes, these can be your inspiration. 

Until next time,


Scout Report

Hi Everyone!!

sept2013 - 18 012

Hey – do you like cat food?

sept2013 - 18 002

I love the stuff.  It has a delicate crunch and comes in a variety of tempting flavors.  This one, salmon and whole brown rice is my favorite.

sept2013 - 18 004

…although there is a mighty tasty one with chicken that I also recommend.

It’s been difficult to grab…I mean….steal….I mean savor this treat around here lately.  When I try to enjoy a morsel or two, people say things like, “Why are you doing that?” and “Uh oh, not again.”  I was hoping this meant the bowl would get refilled, but it has not worked out that way.

And, Nutmeg is not seeing things my way either.  Things are pawsitively difficult around here.

Nutmeg - July 2012 001

P.S.  Sorry there have been no posts for a while.  Our internet was out for a few days and it kind of got us off our routine.  We’ll start posting again soon!!!

Scout’s honor.

So Long, Summer!

It is raining sideways here today – a perfect time to look back on the last few months and think about the things we loved about our first summer season here…

Visits from family and friends…

6-25-13-22aug 2013 - 18 052 aug 2013 - 18 051

DSC01065 DSC01047

Our first garden…

aug 2013 - 9 001aug 2013 - 31 062

Our baby chicks – who’ve grown up and are now about to start laying eggs…

june 2013-5 040aug 2013 - 18a 001

Watermelon eating contests…

aug 2013 - 29 015


Making new best friends…

aug 2013 - 25 019

Making a batch of pickles from our first home grown cucumbers…

Perfectly Sweet Pickles (recipe from Perfectly Sweet Pauletta)

Beautiful rainbows…

july 2013 - 3 048

And learning tolerance…

aug 2013 - 18a 010

We’re stretching a little on the last one, but the rest is all true and we have loved every minute.  Thanks for sharing it with us!!