A Walk in the Woods

A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bry….oops

A Walk in the Woods

by Scout

 The air is cool and crisp here in the mornings.

sept2013 - 24 001

A few days ago, we found a perfect day for a walk in the woods

sept2013 - 24 018

The leaves are turning beautiful colors…

sept2013 - 24 019sept2013 - 24 059

sept2013 - 24 008

The woods make us feel kind of small

sept2013 - 24 010

sept2013 - 24 020

The walk, chasing squirrels, and smelling new scents can be so exhilarating that sometimes you just have to lie down and take a break….

sept2013 - 24 046Yes, that is me underneath all those greenies. 

After the walk, I get brushed.  I love that – plus, the greenies are then on someone else. 

sept2013 - 24 065If you want to invent something like velcro or post it notes, these can be your inspiration. 

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