Scout Report

Hi Everyone!!

sept2013 - 18 012

Hey – do you like cat food?

sept2013 - 18 002

I love the stuff.  It has a delicate crunch and comes in a variety of tempting flavors.  This one, salmon and whole brown rice is my favorite.

sept2013 - 18 004

…although there is a mighty tasty one with chicken that I also recommend.

It’s been difficult to grab…I mean….steal….I mean savor this treat around here lately.  When I try to enjoy a morsel or two, people say things like, “Why are you doing that?” and “Uh oh, not again.”  I was hoping this meant the bowl would get refilled, but it has not worked out that way.

And, Nutmeg is not seeing things my way either.  Things are pawsitively difficult around here.

Nutmeg - July 2012 001

P.S.  Sorry there have been no posts for a while.  Our internet was out for a few days and it kind of got us off our routine.  We’ll start posting again soon!!!

Scout’s honor.


4 thoughts on “Scout Report

  1. Well Scout, I have to say if you’re going to eat something of the cat’s I prefer it be her food than some other, less attractive, alternatives!

    Glad to see you’re back on the grid. Keep the reports coming. Your avid readers would love to see some eggs when the hens start laying!

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