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60 Minutes

aug 2013 - 29-a

Time it takes for Scout run into the woods and run back while getting covered in green stickers

aug 2013 - 29 009five minutes

Time it takes for the chicks to eat this mini-watermelon

aug 2013 - 29 015

five minutes

aug 2013 - 29 018

Time it takes for chicks to parade into their hen house at dusk when you want to go in and watch Burn Notice

aug 2013 - 29 029

aug 2013 - 29 028

aug 2013 - 29 031

aug 2013 - 29 039

aug 2013 - 29 038

5aug 2013 - 29 042

Fifty minutes


Scout Report

From the Mailbag

We wait patiently…

july 2013 - 28 018

…for our mail carrier to arrive; he delivers the mail and a pat on the head.

july 2013 - 28 020

I love to get mail.

Here’s one of the letters I received recently:

Dear Scout,

It was fun to see you move the chickens.  Will you be moving them again or is this new location permanent?


Inquisitive Chick


Dear Inquisitive Chick,

Thanks for your great question.  Yes, we’ll be moving them again.  The chicks in the little chick-mobile are being raised as free range chickens.  This means that, rather than being confined to a very small space with only artificial light, these gals get to roam around on the grass, pecking for bugs, worms, and insects and enjoy the great outdoors.  The eggs they lay will have a much darker, yolk, will have better nutritional value and taste better!

aug 2013 - 18a 008

The chicks also get chicken feed as well as vegetable scraps and bread from the kitchen.  Sometimes, if I position my snout just exactly right, I can get through the holes in the orange netting and sample some of these scraps.  This has been frowned upon, however, so I don’t recommend it as a frequent practice. 

We will be relocating the chicks again soon as they have just about picked clean the grassy area where we moved them.   See what I mean:

aug 2013 - 25 039

Hope this answers your question!

Until next time,











Chick Relocation Program

The chicks felt the urge to move on to greener pastures, take in a little bit more country air and have more room to spread their wings.  So… we hooked up their house…

aug 2013 - 18 015

and followed the Relocation Manager…

aug 2013 - 18 019

to a beautiful location with plenty of space…

aug 2013 - 18 025

to hunt, to peck and stay up on all the latest news.

aug 2013 - 18a 001

They love it here!!

Thank you, Relocation Manager (and assistant)!

aug 2013 - 18a 009

Scout Report

Girls Gone Wild at 50 Shades of Green Acres!

Yesterday, Lucy Ricardo instigated an escape from the hen house, enlisting Bubbette, Josie and Buttercup in her shenanigans.  Henrietta, aka, The Boss,  felt it was her duty to corral the troops, so there were five chicks on the loose.  Murphy, showing remarkable poise, was watching the whole thing unfold from the safety of the hen house.  Fortunately, I happened upon this situation as I came up the drive and enlisted support immediately.  We got them all back safe and sound in no time.  Phew!  Tending chicks is tough work!

We’ve got our names, we’ve got our names

Like the pine trees lining the winding road
I’ve got a name, I’ve got a name

aug 2013 - 4 036

Meet Josie (aka Josephine)

Like the singing bird and the croaking toad
I’ve got a name, I’ve got a name

Meet Bubbette

Meet Bubbette

Like the North wind whistling down the sky
I’ve got a song, I’ve got a song

This is Buttercup.   She is a little shy.

This is Buttercup. She is a little shy.

Like the fool I am and I’ll always be
I’ve got a dream, I’ve got a dream

The only hen with both a first and last name - meet Lucy Ricardo!!! (We love Lucy!).

The only hen with both a first and last name – meet Lucy Ricardo!!! (We love Lucy!).

And, of course, we’ve got Henrietta and Murphy…

aug 2013 - 4 033

Henrietta, the leader of the pack




Thanks, everyone, for your suggestions – we had lots of fun reading your ideas.