Game of Throne

Hi Fans of Fifty Shades of Green Acres!!

When we last posted pictures, the west and east driveways to the shop were being poured.  Now, they are complete.

Looks quiet, but, inside the shop, there is a world of activity.

What could this be behind the door?

Yes, a private bathroom…all wainscoted and tiled…

…with all the essentials handy.

Not too many months ago, it looked like this…

The wainscoting is wood pulled off the little house on the property.  Mr. Fifty Shades planed each piece of wood and then applied stain.

Next stop, behind Door Number Two…

Come into the office…

…where there are cabinets installed on each side of the window…I thought maybe Mr. Fifty Shades would fill them with fun things like seasonal decorations but instead he is using them to store paints and stains that might be affected by the lower temperatures in the larger room.  There is a portable heater in this room on a thermostat that kicks on at 45 degrees and turns off at 50 degrees.  This is also the room where electronic equipment is kept.  

The office is waiting for the wainscoting treatment and tiled floor as well.

But, first, the area around the sink will be finished.

Cabinets under construction on either side of the sink.

And, then second, another project will be built and transported to someone else’s home.  Because you know you want to know, we’ll share pictures as it’s being constructed.

Until next time, friends,

Hey – where is Mr. Fifty Shades?



7 thoughts on “Game of Throne

  1. He is just amazing., Like the energizer bunny, he never stops,. It wears me out just to look at the pics of what he has been doing! LOL!

  2. Mr. Fifty shades here. As Chris noted above, the insulation install is different. The shop is insulated. I had to tear the moisture membrane off faced insulation where I already had lined insulation in the exterior walls to make sure I didn’t have a problem with moisture in the walls. I had to get advice from Chris on whether I should even add extra insulation under the circumstances. I didn’t worry about getting things perfect since it was an extra layer of protection from the elements and not the primary. But, for whatever it’s worth, the office had the heat on all of the last 2 months and the electric bill for the shop only went up about $3 and that included the additional time I spent down there with electrical tools and a dozen overhead lights! So, the insulation is working pretty well.

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