As The Cement Drum Turns

The trusses are in place.  The metal roof is attached.  What’s next?  Of course…it’s time for the cement floor to be poured.  You would think this would be kind of like watching paint dry, but things got a little exciting for us….As The Cement Drum Turned.  It’s early morning – the cement truck arrives and the driver lines up the truck at one end of the building.  The drum rotates…

…and then the wet cement is released down a chute and into this cute little motorized cart with a hopper.  Once there is enough cement in the hopper, the driver hops (is that why they call it a hopper?) on the back and guides it to where the cement needs to dumped.

Our driver is doing pretty well getting the cart into the exact place it needs to be – you can see in the pictures below the cement has been dumped and they are starting to flatten it out.  The only thing…in case you ever find yourself needing to operate one of these little babies…

…is that you need to keep it on the track and not let it go too far….

Because…if you don’t….you get stuck…

…and it’s all hands on deck to help Puuuushhh and Puulllll.  Everyone tried to help because they needed to get the cart out of the way so that the cement could be flattened out before it started hardening.  You can see Mr. Fifty Shades in the bottom of the picture below placing a piece of wood underneath one of the wheels to help them get some traction.

At last, success.  Lots of team work there.  Yay Team!

Now they flatten  and level out the cement into all the spaces.  It’s hard and messy work.

The crew boss watches as more cement is poured.

Now the boss goes to work using this float that smooths out the surface.

The crew worked most of the day – they were all in constant motion making sure it was all flattened out and smooth so that it could dry properly.  It looks great!

Up next – Mr. Fifty Shades of Green Acres finishes up the mower garage and embarks on a new project.

Until next time,

Fifty Shades of Green Acres Crew





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