…and Drama Ensued

With the construction of the new workshop, the activity level spiked in our little piece of the world – we’ve had lots of stuff happenin’ here!  The dimensions of the workshop are 24′ by 50′.  Mr. Fifty Shades of Green Acres drew up the plans and then hired the builder who built our house for the construction.  Within a couple days the framing was completed and gravel dumped to provide a base for the cement floor.  Then – time for the trusses to go up.

Truss me on this – watching the last truss get installed made me go weak at the knees…

Here are the four guys working on it – they first walked it up…

There’s a lot of switching positions in order to make sure there’s somebody in the right place to raise it to the next point.

Once the truss is in place the guys on each end use monster nail guns to secure it..

It was quite the dramatic, nerve wracking scene for me to watch.  They proceeded with great calm as they completed this part of the job.  Phew!  While all this was going on, our quiet little country road turned into Grand Central Station…

A logging truck drove by…

BB, the beagle, wandered over to see what was going on

And our neighbor and his nephew came over to borrow a jack.

We haven’t seen this much action since….well…Ever!

And, if you think this was exciting – our next installment involves a cement truck!

Until next time,

Fifty Shades of Green Acres Team



6 thoughts on “…and Drama Ensued

  1. The building process could have been filmed for a DIY or GAC series!! It does, indeed, look to have been busy, exciting, and dangerous!

    Didn’t know that you have now got BB the beagle as a member of the family! Such a cutey.

    • Hey there! It seemed pretty dangerous and exciting to me – those guys seemed to take it all in stride. BB belongs to our neighbor but he couldn’t pass by all the activity without checking it out.

      • So you have got your two pups? And the cat? Very awesome. And BB the Beagle fits right into the situation, wandering, as a beagle would do, into the fray of the activity, lol. Love and hugs to you and yours, always.

      • Yes, you are correct. The two pups: Scout, the English Shepherd, our sweet and serious protector, and Sage, part Catahoula Cur and part clown. We spend a great deal of time laughing and smiling at them and with them. Nutmeg, the kitty, does not mix well with the dogs – she stays in the basement, mainly, but does like to spend time upstairs when the dogs are not around.

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