Wishin’ and Hopin’

This is our fourth year planting a garden and each year I’ve found it incredible that from these packets…


….something like this happens…


Today, we’re planting tomato and cucumber plants that we started in our basement from seeds.  Once the seeds start growing and begin to show leaves, we bring them to our porch for a few weeks where they harden off in preparation to go into the ground.


And, even though our annual gardens have produced some wonderful vegetables and fruit, every year as we’re planting them into the soil I think – this could never result in an actual tomato, cucumber, corn stalk…So, I find myself wishin’ and a hopin’ this year that our luck will continue!

We’re already seeing signs that it might…

The mesclun mix and arugula show promise…


We harvested our first strawberries of the year yesterday…

20160513_192615 20160514_074752

And if you get out your magnifying glass… you’ll see that a tiny little sprig of parsley is emerging…


In other news…

Mr. Fifty Shades is determined that we will be able to have a picnic whenever the mood strikes.  In the new fenced in area for Sage and Scout (we now call it “the playpen”), we have a new picnic table that he built in his spare time.  When we’re working in the garden this year, we’ll have a place to come in and take a break or have a pic-a-nic.  🙂

20160513_190431 20160513_190535

Hope you’re having a happy spring!


Fifty Shades of Green Acres



4 thoughts on “Wishin’ and Hopin’

  1. Thanks for sharing! Love the playpen area for Scout and Sage. It is looking like another banner year is in the works, for fresh produce in your garden.

  2. Always look forward to reading your posts….. Good luck and all the best from Alan & Jayne……..
    By the way it’s only 90 damn degrees down here! 🙂

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