En Garde!

Mr. Fifty Shades Takes Up Fencing!

It’s true.  Mr. Fifty Shades has been busy this spring planning, laying out, and building a new fenced in area for Scout and Sage.

First – he drilled holes for the fence posts…this unwieldy post hole digger needs to be positioned just right in order for the hole to be straight and to be deep enough.  The dimensions of the fence are 160′ by 60′ and there are about 50 post holes.


Next, the posts are set into the holes and then positioned so they are plumb and aligned with all the other posts.  Then, mix up a batch of concrete and pour in the hole so the post is stable.


Repeat this process a million times…well…maybe 50 times.


Once a line of posts are in place, plumb and lined up, 48 inch high 2′ x 4′ welded wire stock fence is stretched and staples are nailed in to hold it in place.  The stock fence can’t be run continuously in the 100 foot rolls that we purchased it.  Instead, because of all the changes in elevation most sections of wire have to be cut in order to make the changes in grade.  Then cut all the 4×4 posts to the same 50 inch height and –

…get started with the boards…this trailer has 125 boards on it, each one an inch thick and 6 inches wide, rough-sawn, pressure treated poplar.  Honest.


Three boards from post to post…the boards are 16 feet in length…and heavy!  Again, because of the changes in elevation, each board had to be cut twice…once on each end to make them plumb and fit against the next or previous board.




While all of this was going on, Mr. Fifty shades constructed three gates.  Two are about 3 1/2 feet wide and one is a double- 7 feet wide so we can get the mower, tractor and other equipment into the fenced area.

20160429_191644 20160429_19151520160429_191919

And then, just like magic…the fence is done…

20160429_191851 IMG_20160428_092209542

It’s beautiful.

Scout and Sage love it!  There is plenty of room to run and play and just relax.

DSC_0047 20160429_193711 DSC_0034




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