Spring in our Step

Just a few short weeks ago we saw this…

edited DSC_0039

Look closely – there’s a cardinal in the center. Really!


Today there are signs of spring all around us…

edited DSC_0071

Daffodils along the road

edited DSC_0050

Buds on pear tree

edited DSC_0077

Fish in our pond


ta da…

our latest project…

edited DSC_0057

…a big fenced in area for Scout and Sage


Looks like one post but there are 12 in this row


edited DSC_0065

Trailer of fence boards

edited DSC_0064


Scout and Sage will be able to run around, play, and supervise while we’re working in the garden this summer.

Until next time…

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5 thoughts on “Spring in our Step

  1. It is so nice to have freedom when you are working, and the kids are playing. Spring is so beautiful! Enjoy, Denise

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  2. Spring looks lovely and lush for you in you surroundings. Let us know, Scout and Sage, how you like the new huge dog run! I saw the cardinal in the snow, such a pretty burst of color in the photo.

    Last weekend a cardinal couple returned to the tree a few feet in front of my laundry room window. The female has been slamming herself into the window and having a cardinal-type of screeching fit, until this morning I could get to the store for fresh songbird seed. Now she is as happy as a lark, and is singing a happy song. By tomorrow morning, her partner will see that all is good on the windowsill of the laundry room, and he, too, will feed multiple times daily. So much fun to watch them as they start their nesting season here. I had no idea that the same two birds would return each year! Next year, there will be a fresh bag of seeds waiting for them!

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