The Chicken or the Egg

First we had a chicken problem.  Or, was it an egg problem?  The chicken problem began as a good intention – wanting to let our chicks be “free range” – letting them roam all around our property throughout the day and then shutting them in to their coop at night where they would be safe from predatory critters.  That worked for a while, but, last spring we lost a couple to a wily coyote, leaving us with only two hens.  While this may seem like plenty of hens to supply two people with eggs, we had to keep in mind that two hens are not enough for one rooster (we’ll leave you to ponder that one on your own) especially one as virile as our Murphy.


To save our remaining hens, we ordered new chicks and received them on July 1st.  It takes about four to six months for new chicks to develop, reach their full weight, and begin laying eggs.  In the meantime, the five new chicks enjoyed learning the ropes from the two older hens.

Unfortunately, in October, we lost one of the original hens to natural causes (we think).  During the month of December, we noticed that hawks began circling all around the property from miles high, scoping out what must have looked like a nice buffet.  One day, I heard a racket outside and opened our front door.  This startled and scared off a hawk with one of our hens in its talons.  The hawk dropped the chicken, but, did not forget where a fine feast awaited.  The sad ending is that hawks took two more chickens and we finally said – that’s it – we need to stop providing the hawks with an easy meal ticket.  So, our chickens now reside in the coop full time.  There is actually plenty of room for them and Mr. Fifty Shades has already started to plan an extension.  For the record, we have four chickens now and Murphy, the rooster.

Beginning December 24th, the new chicks began laying eggs.  They started producing one egg a day and then….

…we had a two egg day


….and then a three egg day!


Can a four egg day be far off?


We think not!

Hope all is well in your part of the world!

Fifty Shades of Green Acres Team





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