Moving Day

Today was Moving Day!  Yes, this afternoon we received a Certificate of Occupancy for the Chicken Coop Mr. Fifty Shades has been building since….the beginning of time.

Here’s a look at the Coop before the chickens were moved in…


The coop runs from north to south.  The open area on the north is kind of like a screened in porch where the chickens will be able to run before we let them out in the mornings.

The area that has siding on it (the same siding that’s on our house) features a small window that can be opened to give the chicks some ventilation.


Here is a view of the back (south) side of the coop where there is a ventilation door propped open and below that the nesting boxes.


Here you can see the three nesting boxes, each box with its own door.  This is where the chicks go to lay their eggs.  Somehow they just know this is where they need to go.  We’ll be able to just open the door, reach in and grab the eggs, and omelets here we come.


Here is a door that opens into the enclosed part of the chicken coop.  This door will only be used by the humans that live here in order to check on things and clean out the coop.  This is the part of the coop where the chicks roost at night.


Below is what you see when the coop door is opened.  There are three roosts here – they are 2 X 4 boards that the chicks hop onto at night.  I didn’t really get a good close up of these, but Mr. Fifty Shades smoothed them off at the edges so the chicks will be able to easily curl their little chicken feet around them.

20150819_142312 20150819_142331

In addition, please take a look at this next picture.  Sometimes, if the chicks have trouble falling asleep at night, this light in the coop will allow them to read a little chick lit to help them relax and doze off – either that or it’s a receptacle for a heat lamp that can be turned on when the temps get below freezing!


Here we are inside the screened in area – the run – and you can see Mr. Fifty Shades installing the ramp up into the coop – one of the last touches before we moved the chicks.  They will walk up and down the ramp to get into the coop and also into the nesting boxes.


The door to the coop is operated by a pulley.

20150819_142646 20150819_142757

There’s a light at the entry way…these chicks have got it made.


The five chicks we moved in today are about seven weeks old.  Here’s one as she was being transported in my arms…this is kind of a selfie except it’s not myself – it’s the chick in my arm.


Here they all are trying to get used to their new surroundings…

20150819_150052 20150819_145251 20150819_145245

And, here are some curious onlookers…


Tomorrow we’ll move the two chickens we’ve had since 2013 and Murphy, the rooster.  We were advised to move the new chicks in first and then the older ones a day or two later.

Mr. Fifty Shades is resting tonight, however, he told me earlier that he’s thinking about five or six projects (that doesn’t sound like enough, does it?) to begin – starting tomorrow!

Until next time,

Fifty Shades of Green Acres





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  1. I hope the chickens (in their little chicken brains) have some appreciation of how sophisticated their new home actually is. They will have to lay a lot of eggs for a long time to pay off the mortgage on this place!

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