Recently at Fifty Shades of Green Acres…

  1.  Hummingbird 911

Hummingbird for CD

A few days ago, Mr. Fifty Shades came in to let me know that a hummingbird flew into our garage and could not find its way out.   We both went out to take a look and see what we could do.  The little bird flitted from one side of the garage to the other, remaining within six inches of the ceiling and always looking up.  He did not understand that there was a big beautiful world out there, if only he’d fly out the garage door.  I tried a few things….I went outside the garage and called it, buzzed, clapped my hands.  Hmm…for some reason those ideas didn’t work.  Mr. Fifty Shades went back to working on the chicken coop and I decided to do a little research.  The wonderful internet (what did we ever do without it?) revealed a site that described exactly what to do.  It would be simple and quick.  I walked down to our garden shed to retrieve the necessary equipment…


Then, I walked back up to retrieve Mr. Fifty Shades.  I considered just rescuing the hummingbird and telling him about it later, but, I knew Mr. Fifty Shades would want to be a part of lead the hummingbird emergency team. Sure enough, he did (are you shocked?).  I explained the steps to get the little bird out of the garage.  It would be quick.  The garden rake needed to be held within a few inches below the bird; once the bird lit onto the rake, the rake should be lowered slowly, very slowly so that the hummingbird could see the sky and then fly off to hummingbird happiness.  It is apparently quite common for the hummingbird, seeing the red handle hanging from the garage door  (required so that in the event the electric garage opener gets stuck, it can be opened manually) …



…to mistake the handle for the little red flowers on the feeder, instead…


The website indicated the confused bird would continue its pointless flight around the ceiling until it exhausted itself and died.  Yikes – not on our watch!  It also stated the need to be patient, as it could take a few seconds for the hummingbird to hop onto the rake.

Mr. Fifty Shades grabbed the rake and raised it toward the ceiling.  Soon, we thought, the hummingbird would be humming away in the great outdoors.  However, the little bird continued flying near the ceiling, all around the garage, all the while looking up, up, up.  After about 10 minutes with no luck, I thought I’d better check the directions again.  Maybe there was a step I left out.  I brought my computer to the garage and read from the website.  We were following the directions to the letter.  Mr. Fifty Shades continued the rescue.  It was about 90 degrees, even in the garage.  The hummingbird  seemed determined to continue flying around the ceiling.  After about 10 more minutes, I offered to give Mr. Fifty Shades a break.  He said okay, but, he soon thought we might have better luck if we both had rakes.  With two rakes, we alternated hummingbird coverage and commentary.  “He’s on your side now.  He’s getting close.  Oops, no, now he’s flying off.”  Every once in a while, he would light onto one of our rakes, but, as soon as we began to lower the rake, he would fly up to the ceiling again.  Going on 45 minutes now, our sweat was dripping onto the floor of the garage and our heads were about to fall off from craning our necks backward to see if the bird was on the rake.  Clearly, our little hummingbird had not bothered to read “How to Get A Hummingbird Out of the Garage!” My energy waning, I decided to take a break and Mr. Fifty Shades continued the rescue operation.  At about one hour in, the hummingbird gently lit onto the rake and let Mr. Fifty Shades lower it to reveal to him what lay just a few feet away.  Finally, the hummingbird followed instructions and flew out the door.  We gave each other a high five and quickly closed the garage door!  : )

2.  Chicken Coop

We know you want to see the coop.  Mr. Fifty Shades has been putting in some long days and there is a lot of progress.  Here he is laying out the metal roof.



And, here he is putting the cap on the roof.


Here is another view with the roof complete.



In anticipation of the grand opening, we are interviewing chicks to conduct tours of the new facility.

3.  Tomatoes

Tomatoes surround us.  We’ve been picking several pounds every day for the past few weeks.    We are enjoying the taste of our homegrown tomatoes, plus, we’ll canning whole tomatoes, tomato soup, and marinara sauce until the end of summer!  20150811_195640










Hope you’re having a great summer!!!

The Fifty Shades Team




6 thoughts on “Recently at Fifty Shades of Green Acres…

  1. Loved reading about your little Hummingbird, and FINALLY, was able to pull up the photos through my brand new first time ever smart phone!!!

    Sent on a Sprint Samsung Galaxy S® III

  2. The tomato shelving is awesome, so that the tomatoes get placed in the proper sun-lit locatio, in order to best complete the ripening process, depending upon the end result of each luscious tomato’s destiny.

    The hummingbird is a beautiful tale of resilience and patience, on the part of all three of you working together, to fix an issue that could have ended in an untimely demise but instead resulted in joy.

    And the chicken coop? What a grand hotel it is, for the chickens who are fortunate enough to find their way to Green Acres and the good life that entails.

    Love to all and happy birthday to Mr. Fifty Shades.

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