Is it hot where you are?  It sure is here.  The last few summers for us have been a chance to try our luck in our vegetable garden.  We don’t know enough for it to be anything but luck.  We still can’t believe that what started out as this…

20150713_164943 1

…became this…


and then, this…20150617_165503


and this…


We’ve made 36 pints of pickles this year.20150720_153918

One day, Mr. Fifty Shades picked 23 pounds of cucumbers.  We are eating cucumbers with every meal and I have made gazpacho and two different kinds of cucumber salad.  Cucumber, Cucumber, Cucumber.

Maybe we don’t need to grow so many cucumbers next year. : )

But wait, there’s more.  Here’s a look at our harvest over the last two days…


But wait, there’s even more going on….

Mr. Fifty Shades has been busy working on the new deluxe chicken coop.


This is what it looked like a few weeks ago…


20150614_202836 20150613_102729

20150613_110725 1

…and now



20150719_135239  20150719_135321 20150719_194536

It’s not quite ready for the chicks, but, before long, we’ll be introducing them to their new home – and five new companions.  Yes, five new egg laying chicks arrived July 1st (pictures soon).  They are too small and young to hang out with the older chicks for now, but in a few weeks, they’ll be moving to the fancy new coop as well.






That’s about it for now.

Until next time,

Fifty Shades of Green Acres



7 thoughts on “Summer

  1. You two are living life’s dream, in the midst of a beautiful private mountain vista, together with not one but two of man’s and woman’s best friends plus a furry feline, raising beautiful, healthy produce and living off of the land. Bees making honey. . .

    The egg-layers will not ever fly the coop, with such deluxe accommodations!

  2. The veggies are quite impressive, but what is really, really most impressive is that new chicken resort. Will they have access codes to enter, or will they have to carry keys around their necks?

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