The Scout Report

Some updates since my last report…

20150614_195437 (2)


In addition to engaging in lots of horseplay, Sage and I have been busy.

First, we must post a correction.  A gross misunderestimation occurred when it was reported there was one lone apple on one of our trees.  A recount was held and we can certify that there are two apples on this tree.  Since Mr. & Mrs. Fifty Shades hail from the land of hanging chads, I guess it’s not such a surprise.  Sage and I stand by (or lie near) the current count of two.  


The next bit of news has us really excited.

20150613_102835 (2)

Mr. Fifty Shades is building a new chicken coop.



We’ll be receiving some new little chicks in early July and he thought the current coop might get a little crowded. 20150613_102729


So, we’ve been busy planning, sawing, and constructing the new digs.  



It can be exhausting – especially in this heat. But, we persevere since Mr. Fifty Shades really needs the help.  


20150613_110725 1

Mrs. Fifty Shades informed me that this coop is going to be the Taj Mahal of all chicken coops.  I believe that means it’s going to be kind of fancy and grand.  We’ll be keeping you apprised of the progress on this one.  

20150614_202959 (2)

Until Next Time,

Scout (and Sage)



6 thoughts on “The Scout Report

  1. Thank you for the recent updates.. it gives a huge smile whenever Scout updates, specially now that Sage is the special contributor to the postings. 🙂 On another subject, do not underestimate the potential of the apple tree! Something tells me that, by this time next year, the harvest will have doubled or more, which means more time for Scout and Sage, to set in the orchard, while Mr. Fifty Shades harvests next season’s apples. 🙂 And as to the bees, hopefully they have settled into their digs again and are thriving.

    Best to the gang and to the caretakers of the gang,
    Peggy B.

  2. It is always a treat hearing from Scout (and now his new sidekick Sage). Scout had been strangely quiet for quite a while now and I was beginning to grow concerned. Guess he had just been too busy showing Sage the ropes. Anyway, glad to hear that everyone is well, and that the apple crop has increased 100%. At this rate, the Farmer and His Wife will be giving Harry & David a run for their money!

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