Heart to Heart to Heart

Recently at Fifty Shades of Green Acres (and a few hundred miles away), some events transpired that caused a little heart action…..

 Heart Stopping

Yesterday, as we walked to our mailbox, we saw this…



…a swarm of bees on one of our young apple trees.

We scrambled into our bee gear and sprang into action.  Springing into action involved a cardboard box, HELD BY ME, just below the tree branch with the bees. Yes…Held. By. Me.

Mr. Fifty Shades then firmly tapped the branch and the bees kind of dumped into the box.  This was followed by a  bee symphony buzzing by our ears and hundreds of bees in wild flight all around us.    Mr. Fifty Shades took the box and strolled over to the bee hives…


20150505_134545 20150505_134452

…turned the box upside down, giving it a firm tap to “encourage” the bees to go into the hive.  We repeated this bee hive scene about five more times before we had most of the bees transferred from the tree to the hive.

Here’s a closer look at the tree following the transfer of most of the bees…


Bees are a bit persnickety about their living quarters, so at this point, we don’t know if they’ll remain in the hive.  We sure hope so.

Joyful Heart

This day – this moment – this beautiful girl – heart pounding pride and happiness.  WOW!!!

20150503_124751 (2)

Until next time,

The 50 Shades of Green Acres Crew!


8 thoughts on “Heart to Heart to Heart

  1. So the bees did not originally come from one of your hives? They just decided to drop in and visit? You are very brave, dear box holder. : ) Also you all must be so proud of the beautiful and smart grad.

    • You are on the right track (or beeline:) ). The bees came from one of the hives we just brought home on April 25th. There is no telling why they swarmed to the tree about 20 feet away.

      And, yes, we are so proud!

  2. I can’t believe you held the box. It reminds me of an old commercial (probably older than me). Kid one says “did you try it?” Kid two says “I’m not gonna try, it you try it!” Then the whole thing ends with “let’s get Mikey. He’ll [do] anything!” I think you may have been the Mikey here.

    That sure is a pretty girl in garnet and gold. Don’t tell anyone, but she looks better in Orange and Blue! I’m so glad that you guys made it. It would not have been as special without you. It was such a wonderful day to enjoy with my family.

    I can’t wait to come visit. But, when I visit, if there is a swarm, YOU hold the box. I’d rather catch butterflies =).

    • I think you are right – except there were no other kids around that could be talked into it!

      We’ll be getting the butterfly net ready!! : )

  3. Congratulations on your joyful heart for your stellar graduate! Genny is beautiful, inside and out, and smart, and educated and lots, lots more. I am proud, with you, of your graduate’s accomplishments.

    As for the bees, it looks like a beeline was made from the hive to the bee tree. I wonder, what seemed to bee the draw to depart the hive and cluster on the tree. . . perhaps it was meant to bee, that your walk to the mailbox would prove to bee an unexpected rest of the day, rounding up the bees and showing them back to their home. The bees decided to bee spontaneous on an obviously lovely spring day. Thank goodness that there is a resident beekeeper on site, together with his bee-utiful assistant. By the way, Scout and Sage must have decided to bee elsewhere during the bee retrieval process! They knew it was time to lay low and bee out of the way. 🙂

    • Beelieve me when I say Scout and Sage wanted to bee right in the middle of everything, but it we would have had a beesaster on our hands. 🙂

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