Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow…

…or Ph. D….(Piled Higher and Deeper)


Hi there,

Before the predicted power outage occurs, we are posting a quick update.  On top of about five inches of snow earlier in the week, today brought a blanket of another five to six inches.  Icy rain is on the way and some flooding should follow.  We have plenty of firewood and are tucked away enjoying the views and grateful we don’t need to be anywhere anytime soon.

Here’s what we are seeing…

IMG_20150221_113009825 20150221_115350



20150221_115050 20150221_115155




The dogs ran out to romp and play in the foot deep accumulation…they absolutely loved it.  The snow and ice clung to Scout’s fur and then fell off in small balls of ice…


Ice falling from Scout’s underside



Slight coating of snow inside our screened in porch – the better to see doggie paw prints.


Now, they are recovering from their snowy adventures…


…inside, nice and warm and cozy.

We’ll catch you on the other side of this weather system.

Until next time,

50 Shades of Green Acres


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  1. Love all the descriptive narrations, etc. Still unable to bring up pictures since several months ago. Must be something on my end. Gartrelle


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