The Scout Report

As you may have heard, I got skunked a few days ago.  I heard, “Boy, you sure do stink” a lot until my second bath.  You know things are getting better when you hear, “Wow, you don’t stink as much.”  My new bff, Sage, helped out while the bathing festivities occurred.  

2015-02-13 12.46.39 2015-02-13 12.47.09


Today, it’s snowing.  

2015-02-16 13.01.18 2015-02-16 13.00.49

This is just regular snow.  Later tonight, we’re supposed to have a hard snow.  Sage and I are really looking forward to it.  I think Mrs. Fifty Shades is, too.  On our last walk down the hill, she liked the snow so much, she slid right down and sat on it, exclaiming, “This snow is sure slick!”  

2015-02-16 13.02.22


The chickens don’t like the snow…they refused to leave their coop and demanded delivery for all their meals today.  

2015-02-16 13.46.04

They are such chickens about the weather.  

Stay warm, everyone!

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  1. Someone needs to teach Scout and/or Sage to use a camera. It would have been fun to see a pic of Mrs. Fifty Shades sitting down in the snow. 🙂

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