A few weeks ago, our neighbor came up the hill to consult with Mr. 50 Shades.  A short-haired, white dog with spotted black and white ears trotted up the hill beside him.  I wondered where the dog came from.  The same question occurred to our neighbor and he asked if we had a new dog.  No, we said, not us.  HOW SILLY WOULD THAT BE WHEN WE’VE GOT ALL THE DOG WE CAN HANDLE WITH SCOUT?  Following the consultation, our neighbor left, and we went inside, thinking the little dog would wander off.  When Mr. 50 Shades took Scout for an afternoon walk, the little white dog appeared.  She was a little timid at first, but then the two dogs played and chased each other for a while.  Scout tends to be kind of rough, but the little white dog, outweighed by about 25 pounds, was not one bit intimidated and, in fact, she kept coming back for more roughhousing.  On subsequent walks that day, the little dog was always there.  Mr. 50 Shades called around to see which of our neighbors owned this little gal.  Neighbor A said it belonged to Neighbor B; Neighbor B said it belonged to Neighbor C; Neighbor C pointed back to Neighbor B.  No one claimed her.  We started thinking through the options.  Mr. 50 Shades and I were on the same page in thinking that there was simply no way we could add another creature to our menagerie.  We made a call to the trainer who had helped us with Scout and were waiting to hear back from her.  In the meantime, we began a campaign to discourage the little one from staying with us.  Here are the things we did and each day we added more pressure to ensure that she move on:

  • We gave her a bowl of water.

She stayed.

  • We fed her.

She stayed.

  • We put a towel down outside the porch for her to lie on at night.

She stayed.

Nothing was working – we knew we had to increase our efforts and pull out all the stops, to persuade this sweet girl to leave us!

  • We put a towel down inside the screened in porch for her to lie on at night.

She stayed.

  • One night when the temperature was going to fall, we brought her inside the house to sleep.

Unbelievable – Yep – you guessed it – she stayed.

  • We bought her a toy.

I know.  Incredible.  She stayed.

Throughout all of this, we watched the interaction and bond between Scout and the little girl develop. Simply put, this little dog adores Scout.  If he noses the ground in search of an interesting smell, her nose is on the ground in search of an interesting smell.  If Scout stops to look up the hill at something, she stops to look up the hill, too.  He digs, she is right there beside him diggin.  If he stops playing with her, she will run up and instigate a play session.  She has had plenty of opportunity, but will not stray. Amazingly, Scout loves sharing his toys with her.  One of his favorites – a sock – now has a buddy on the other end to pull all around the family room.

Well – as you have probably guessed…as one last attempt to encourage her to leave, we decided to name her – “Sage”.

This little gal was stubborn, though, and this last effort ended with the same result.


Sage is a determined little pup and she has found herself a home.  Everyone here is happy about that.*

This week we took her to the vet.  She is about eight months old, healthy, and probably has some Catahoula Cur and terrier in her.

*Except Nutmeg.

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12 thoughts on “Sage

  1. Great story!

    I think you may have left something out to get Sage to leave … did you try petting her?!? I’m sure that would have done it!

    Oh well Maybe next time you can use that idea to keep a stray from staying.

    She is very pretty, though, and I know Scout is delighted. Congrats!

  2. Oh my Sage is a beauty…..what a lucky pup!!!!!!!! It is a special thing when an animal picks you….she has good taste 🙂

  3. Tears of joy for you, for Sage, for Scout. Sometimes life is meant to be and we must let it happen, and with Sage, that is exactly what ensued. Kudos to all.

    But what about kitten ? What are her thoughts?

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