We are beginning our third year here – amazing!  Just over two years ago, we began our journey with Mr. Fifty Shades in the lead driving a moving truck, towing a trailer (when we realized all our stuff was not going to fit in the truck), with me and a scared kitty following closely behind in our car.  Fifteen hours later, at about 2:00 a.m., we pulled into our drive, delirious, happy, and grateful.  We are still feeling that way today!

11-6-14 009

In the middle of fall, the leaves are just about down, but there are a few hangers on!

Mr. Fifty Shades completed a mini-project.  It’s a picnic table that converts into a bench.  Or, if you prefer, it’s a bench that converts into a picnic table.  Take a look.

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11-6-14 013

Our new bench/picnic table in its new home, overlooking the pond

If you come to visit, a picnic is surely in your future:  there is the newest table/bench (see above) guarding our pond; the traditional picnic table built this summer by Mr. Fifty Shades and Niece of Fifty Shades on our back deck…

July 27 050 July 27 047

…and just in case it’s bad weather, but you really feel like you must have a picnic, we have a picnic table in our basement, built from one piece of plywood by Mr. Fifty Shades and his father several years ago).

11-6-14 025

Wherever you are, we hope you are enjoying the fall weather and that you have a picnic in your future.

10-19-14 004

Until next time,

Fifty Shades of Green Acres










4 thoughts on “Amazing…

  1. The picnic table/bench is indeed amazing. However, what is TRULY amazing is Mr. Fifty Shades himself, known in some circles as the Energizer Bunny!

  2. Very nice workmanship, awesome idea, and whoever drew the design plan for the picnic-table-park-bench combination was ingenious.

    From the looks of the pictures, it was Scout’s plan that he supervised Mr. Fifty Shades’s buildout.

    I am wondering if Scout when to architectual school ?

    Also love the idea of three picnic tables for three scenarios:

    * Standard picnic table on the deck — perfect for most all events and every day meals and weather circumstances. Kudos to Niece of Mr. Fifty Shads, for her workmanship!

    * Combination table/bench at waterside, for those perfect, wonderful days of weather and the ensuing picnic.

    * Vintage one-piece picnic table for the memories of that moment in life when it was devised and created by father and son.

    Life is great in the mountains. Keep on living the dream and experiencing the moments!

    Love and hugs from beachside to mountainside..

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