What in the….?

Last year, after the garden had been harvested, we used one particular spot as a place for compost.  In that area we threw in our daily fruit and vegetable trimmings plus some of the dead plants from the garden.  We moved that composted matter to a new location before we started our garden this year.   After we planted our garden, we noticed a spot where the compost had been that seemed to be growing way out in advance of the other vegetables we planted.  The leaves looked like zucchini or yellow squash, but bigger.  So – we started calling that area the volunteer plants and anxiously awaited the vegetables that would emerge.

And, so – now…we have the line up:

June 2014 - 29 005

On the left you see a yellow squash and a zucchini.  On the right you see the volunteer ….well, what are they?  We’ve learned that the two can cross pollinate and create a kind of hybrid creation….so what are they?

The real thing - genuine, true yellow squash and zucchini

The real thing – genuine, true yellow squash and zucchini


June 2014 - 29 004

The Hybrid Gang

And, inside they look like this…

June 2014 - 29a 010 June 2014 - 29a 012

So  – do we have…