The Scout Report

The garden and the chicks keep us busy!

This week we harvested the first of the zucchini and squash and, of course, our daily eggs.

June 2014 - 24 004

We like to give the chicks a treat once in a while – one of their favorites is watermelon rind.  It looks good to me, but I never seem to get a taste of it.

June 2014 - 24 002


We also fertilized in the garden using something called fish emulsion.

June 2014 - 24 009


It’s a concentrated liquid that is kind of thick and brown.  So – since it looked so good, I sure was interested in it.  It has to be mixed with water – two tablespoons per gallon.  As it was being mixed, I noticed the heavenly aroma.  Let me tell you – this stuff smells fantastic.  I think Mr. and Mrs. Fifty Shades like it, too, because they were saying things like, “Oh, the smell!”  I was able to roll in the grass and get it on my fur so that I could keep that scent around for a long time.  I also licked some of the fertilizer off the container so that my breath would smell great, too.

Our garden is starting to look really good.  Some of the tomato plants are bearing fruit…

June 2014 - 24 007

….we have blooms on our cucumbers, watermelons, and cantaloupes, as well as our potatoes…

June 2014 - 24 005

We are going to have a busy summer.  The next fish emulsion treatment is in a month and I can’t wait!!!

Until next time…

Scentcerely yours,


july 2013 - 3 006






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  1. Scout, you are the happiest (look at that giant smile !!), luckiest Scout there is, fully in charge of the farm and having won over all of our hearts. Your adventures at the Fifty Shades of Green Acres are worthy of a book. It is obvious that you take great pride in supervising and overseeing the goings-on. You and Mr. and Mrs. Fifty Shades of Green Acres are in your element ! Please keep sharing your adventures.

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