So Long, Farewell Trailer


So – we started with this ad in our local paper…

June 2014 - 10a 003

We received over 30 calls and lots of people came out to look.  We ended up with five folks/families who were serious.  All were instructed to call us back with info regarding their arrangements.  By the time things all shook out there were really two families.  Family One came through – although, I will have to say – it is not easy to give away a trailer.  In fact, until yesterday evening, we weren’t sure the trailer was moving today.  Especially me.  Mr. Fifty Shades was on our porch and had just gotten off the phone with Family One.  I  heard him open the door and say, “Here’s an egg.”  Except – what I heard was, “They reneged.”  I even said, “They reneged?”  And, he said, “Yes, here’s an egg.”  When I walked out to hear the whole explanation, he was just puttering around the garage like nothing unusual was happening – I could not believe the rest of the story was not spilling out of him.  But, I can be patient.  He then said, “Well, I’ll be going down to work on the trailer so it’s ready for tomorrow.”  Confusion ensued.  We get into crazy conversations here sometimes.  : )

Now, the pictures you’ve all been waiting for – the trailer is gone, gone, gone…?  or, is it?  Stay tuned for Part Two.


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