Oh My!

Two days ago in the early evening, we were on our property but down the hill from our house, and remarked that it looked like it was going to rain. We were starting to walk up to the house when we felt the wind and saw a few loose items start skittering across the field.  Then, pouring rain and a violent wind pelted and swirled around us.  I felt like I might have been on the set of the re-make of The Wizard of Oz.  Any second a sweet, kind old lady would stick her head out of a door and say, “Dorothy, Dorothy…?” (I did portray Glenda, the Good HR Manager once, but that is a story for another day).  Fortunately, Mr. Fifty Shades, Scout, and I were able to run for cover and wait out the storm, which lasted only about 15 minutes.  After, we walked out and looked at what happened while the wind was a blowin’…

Our corn stalks flattened…June 2014 - 12 007


Tomato plants bent and down on the ground…June 2014 - 12 010


Boo Hoo!  : (

And, this tree snapped right between two of our apple trees…June 2014 - 12 019


By the next morning, most of the vegetable garden was on the mend.  We decided to prop them up a bit for a little more support…June 2014 - 12 013 June 2014 - 12 012



We actually think we were in a mini tornado after looking around at all the twigs, leaves and branches down.  Whew!

Of course, no matter the weather or circumstances life brings…there’s no place like home. : )

Until next time,

The Fifty Shades of Green Acres Team






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