Difficult to Watch, Easy on the Eyes

When you have a few acres to tend, the chores are endless and can be physically demanding.  Some are even difficult to watch – like this….



June 2014 - 3 026 June 2014 - 3 025


…I was assured, however, that it was much easier to watch, and I will believe that without having to check it out myself.

Other events are more fun to observe.  This floor was once at the back of the house, originally planned to be a storage closet,

mar 2014 - 10 005


but it has been moved, expanded, and re-purposed here…

June 2014 - 3 002


…beside the beehives.

Next, walls and a roof will go up to create a shed for beekeeping equipment.  First, though, the floor needed to be checked out to be sure it was solid…

June 2014 - 3 023 June 2014 - 3 012


June 2014 - 3 020


Yep…it’s all good.

Until next time,

Fifty Shades of Green Acres



4 thoughts on “Difficult to Watch, Easy on the Eyes

    • Couple of reasons. In this case there is an electrical transformer which prevents me from going up and down. I was cutting that specific spot when the photo was taken. The other is that I’ve found that as long as I get traction going across the hill, I am better off than going up and down in a lot of places. Gravity can be a real eye opener when one gets to the bottom of a downhill run and a turn isn’t possible without flipping the machine….brakes don’t hold; reverse won’t pull…it’s off over the edge into the woods or the bottom of a “holler.” I learned about that the hard way, trying to go up and down. I’ve now learned that there are some areas that don’t get mowed if I can’t do it sideways. Others only get mowed going up and down because I have a flat area at the bottom or top of the slope to turn the machine and the slope is too steep to go sideways.

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