Optimism and Realism

I think that anyone who plants a garden must be an optimist at heart.  To plant little seeds and expect them to grow into fruits and vegetables – it seems impossible – and yet, we plant them and watch what happens.  Here are recent photos of some of the seeds we’ve planted and nurtured that we are looking forward to eating in a month or two:

May 2014 - 31 016


May 2014 - 31 019

Red Okra


May 2014 - 31 024

Yukon Gold White Potatoes (our niece helped us put these in the ground last month and they are looking great!)

May 2014 - 31 022

Peas (Calico Crowders and Big Red Rippers)

May 2014 - 31 027

Tomatoes (we’ve planted nine different kinds this year)

May 2014 - 31 031


May 2014 - 31 025


May 2014 - 31 026

Yellow Squash

Optimism will only go so far, though…and that is when a dose of realism is necessary.  For example,

May 2014 - 31 017

Sweet Potatoes

…these sweet potatoes were planted after onion seeds failed to emerge.  The sweet potatoes are looking great (hey – sure hope they don’t taste like onions!).

We spend a lot of time just walking around our garden area, staring intently at the individual plants as if that might help them to grow faster.  We’ll let you know if it does.

In addition to the garden, Mr. Fifty Shades is making headway on the deck project which started out as a small deck outside our back door and will eventually be almost the width of the house.

May 2014 - 31 032

Original part of the deck

May 2014 - 31 037

Extended deck, attached to original

May 2014 - 31 036

More deck infrastructure

May 2014 - 31 034


Until next time….

Optimistically Yours,

Fifty Shades of Green Acres!





5 thoughts on “Optimism and Realism

  1. I love this post! Once a seed is planted, it is an extraordinary experience to watch it grow. That goes for humans, as well.

  2. If you ask me, it is pretty dern optimistic to strike out for new territory and become homesteaders, at a time in life when lots of other folks are looking for ways to slow down and spend more time in their rocking chairs. So, of course you two are optimistic about those little acorns becoming might oaks!

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