The Scout Report

Hi there.  I am here in the picture below at the end of the leash…but I am walking in front of the nice park ranger.

May 2014 -27 125


We all took a walk at a beautiful state park today and learned to identify some of the local trees and bushes.  It was fun, but I would have much preferred chasing all the squirrels.  This was not permitted, however.

After our walk, we enjoyed a picnic…

May 2014 -27 129

….but, we had to eat quickly because there was a storm coming our way

May 2014 -27 133 May 2014 -27 132

This month has been busy.  We averted a corn cut worm crisis.  We observed that several of our corn stalks, just emerging from the ground, were cut and left prone on the ground.

May 2014 -27 001


We researched the cause and found it was the work of the cut worm.  We read that there are several things you can do to deter the dreaded worm:  applying wood ash, crushed eggshells, coffee grounds, and placing a cuff around each individual plant.  So, for good measure – we tried all of these and we’ve seen no more evidence of the worms and the corn seems to be thriving.  We’ll post some new pictures soon.

In other garden news, the lettuce is looking good and Mr. and Mrs. Fifty Shades have had some good salads lately…

May 2014 -27 006

We’ve been keeping busy with projects – getting back to work on Mr. Fifty Shades workshop…

May 2014 -27 059 May 2014 -27 062

and an expanded deck on the north side of the house (pictures soon).

We’re having a good time – hope you are, too!

Until next time,









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