The Scout Report

We are all decked out this week….

Yes, the deck project is about 90% complete.  Take a look at what we accomplished this week while the sun was out to keep us warm…

feb 2014 - 26 009

feb 2014 - 26 027

Doesn’t it look great?

feb 2014 - 26a 002

feb 2014 - 26a 014

There are a few more finishing touches, but already, I can just imagine how much I’m going to enjoy chilling out on this deck.  Here I am congratulating my best buddy, builder and designer on a job well done…

feb 2014 - 26a 006 feb 2014 - 26a 004 feb 2014 - 26a 012

In other news this week, a new big toy was delivered…

feb 2014 - 26 049

…to help with a big mowing job…

feb 2014 - 26 062 feb 2014 - 26 067

…a new water heater was installed.  We have said “no tanks” just the same to the tankless water heater and installed this lovely traditional model.  A bit of drama occurred when the flash on the camera went off just at this moment (see below) and the person working with the electrical wiring thought in the course of a millisecond…I thought I turned off the circuit breaker – I am going to be electrocuted – oh that noise was the camera….and then proceeded to provide the photographer with a look – yes, you know the kind!

feb 2014 - 26 002

For those of you who answered “bee hive” in our last post – Yay, Hurray – you are right!  Bask in the glory of your apiologicial knowledge (you may have heard what a smart dog I am!).  This is a “top bar” bee hive.

  feb 2014 - 20 044

And here it is a bit further along, where a little window is being measured for future installation.  We want to be able to see how the bees are doing.

feb 2014 - 26 043

We’ve ordered three packages of bees which should arrive in a couple months.  The “top bar” hive is an experiment.   We hope to be buzzing with bee news soon!

So, until next time – you’re up to date. 



2 thoughts on “The Scout Report

  1. Thank you for the update. It is always fun to share in your progress. Love the deck ! Curious as to why no tankless water heater . My experience with tankless is stellar. Love the beehive ! Scout is a good dog. Man’s and woman’s best friend! And as for the John Deere? YES !!!!!!!!! A great choice ! Hello to all…

  2. Thanks, Scout. It’s a good thing you keep us informed, otherwise us crackers down in Florida would never know what is going on up there.

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