What’s with the weather?

Are we in South Dakota?  We just had to check.  Sub-zero weather for several days, the thermometer barely making it past 30…but, yes, here we are in the Appalachian mountains  (in honor of my friend, Mary…quick – what’s the capital of South Dakota?  If you don’t know, you can look it up and learn something today).

jan 2014 - 28 019

It’s cold, but we know how to dress to stay warm, yet stylish.

jan 2014 - 22a 022

Some come equipped with all that is needed to stay warm.

jan 2014 - 28 010

A snowy day with overcast skies.

jan 2014 - 28 017

...gives way the next day to colder temperatures and a brilliant sun that reflects off the white blanket

jan 2014 - 30 019

…and makes an interesting design on our pond.

jan 2014 - 30 045

So – until the ice and snow melt, we’ve put our outdoor project on hold

jan 2014 - 30 025

and we are concentrating on plans for a spring garden.  Maybe these guys getting ready for spring, too!

jan 2014 - 30 032 jan 2014 - 30 031


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