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Wonderful Winter

jan 2014 - 25 031


Yes, it’s been a wonderful winter so far.  It’s been really cold – we’ve had light snow a few days and it even got below zero a couple days this month.  I didn’t think it could get much better, but today – well, today has been just swell.

jan 2014 - 25 015 jan 2014 - 25 014

It’s been snowing steadily since mid-morning.  I got to eat snow – I was trying for a (sort of) straight line about 1/4 mile to the mailbox. 

jan 2014 - 25 020

But, before we got there we decided to inspect the pond which was full of snow. 

jan 2014 - 25 018

But, wait – it gets even better….I got to go off leash and run all over the place.  I inspected all my favorite places.  And then… 

Yep, more excitement ahead – I got to help tend to the chickens. 

jan 2014 - 25 025

In this weather, we need to check pretty often to see if an egg has been laid.  We don’t want the eggs to freeze.  I tried to get under the netting so I could be of more assistance, but someone was too quick for me!

jan 2014 - 25 027

Mainly, though, it was fun to be out making paw prints in the snow! 

jan 2014 - 25 008 

So, until next time…


Your friend,



jan 2014 - 22 024









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