Musings from Murphy


jan 2014 - 22 070

A few stats for your consideration…

….vis a vis the hen house…


jan 2014 - 22a 006

  • 79 – number of eggs provided by the five fine and lovely ladies in just one month!  These girls are something else!!!

jan 2014 - 22a 001

  • 5 – achieved today, the maximum number of eggs found in the hen house in one single day!  You go girls! 
  • 8 – degrees Farenheit this morning when the world finally woke up despite my cock-a-doodling for several hours! Note the depressions in the snow below the message – some creature with a rough tongue appears to love eating snow.

jan 2014 - 22 070

  • 1 – Creature with rough tongue.  Said creature decided it was important to sneak under the plastic fencing to inspect the goings on in fowl-dom.  Please refer to pictorial evidence below.  My watchful eye kept matters under control!

jan 2014 - 22a 014

  • 12 – Number of apple trees pruned today, as reported by a reliable source. 

jan 2014 - 22a 023

  For now, friends, au revoir. 

jan 2014 - 22a 008


Magnificently yours,