The Scout Report

nov 2013 - 17 004

Today I feel kind of punky.
Last night I encountered a skunky.
I was given a bath
which effects did not last
And I still smell really funky.

nov 2013 - 17 008

I reek awfully, but
my friend comforts me
He caresses my head,
inhaling with dread
as we both wait to be free of this misery.

nov 2013 - 17 009


6 thoughts on “The Scout Report

  1. Hi Scout, Remember me? I sure do miss you! We had fun in the back seat! LOL So, your snout encountered an eau de skunk. Poor baby. Maybe your mommy can spray something pleasant around you (or them!). Happy farming, A friend.


  2. He is a lucky one, to have so much love reaped upon him. 🙂 Thank you for the fun rhyme and hello to all.

  3. Hey Scout, We are sorry to hear that you had a meeting with Peppy LaPue… you are Puppy LaPue. “They” say that acids like tomato juice work on the smell….or did i see that on a Partridge family episode? Scout, you are certainly keeping your ‘parents’ busy ! You are ALL in our thoughts.
    May you have a wonderful, skunk free week !

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