A Year

A year ago today we arrived at our new home.  Bleary-eyed and sleep deprived, we drove up our long driveway at 2:00 a.m., through a blanket of fog, to see our long planned for house emerge before us.  It was a beautiful and welcome site and we have enjoyed our new environment more than we ever dreamed.

Looking back – we’ve accomplished a lot!!

We planted 12 apple trees.

planting applies Dec 2 2012 (5)

We took apart our porch

march 2013-a 017

…and screened and enclosed it…

july 2013-1 006

We fenced and planted a vegetable garden

…and, reaped the harvest

aug 2013 - 31 064

We went on picnics


oct 2013 - 29a 018

We welcomed some baby chicks and watched them grow (and we are patiently anticipating their eggs)..

june 2013-5 057aug 2013 - 29 015

We had plenty of cucumbers to make a batch of pickles

aug 2013 - 9 001

june 2013-4 008

We enjoyed wonderful visits with our family and friends…

DSC01065aug 2013 - 18 052

aug 2013 - 18 051


We started a blog – yay!

We’ve seen the seasons change…

oct 2013 - 22 006

misc-va-4 003

april 2013 009

july 2013 - 3 017

And, we made a magnificent new bff…

june 2013-s2 044

Well – most of us did…

aug 2013 - 18a 010

Thanks for sharing our year and for your comments along the way.  We’ve got big plans for more progress and more memories and we hope more visits from family and friends!!


4 thoughts on “A Year

  1. I cannot believe that it has been a year… What a beautiful place hope to visit sometime next year 🙂 We love your blog!!!!!

  2. What a nice “recap”, and quite an accomplishment, indeed. You two have started something really good, and we feel fortunate to know you and visit you in your new homey abode. 🙂 _____

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