Scout Report

Hello from 50 Shades of Green Acres.  We’ve been busy enjoying the fall weather and pretty views

oct 2013 - 22 010oct 2013 - 22 006

….and tending chickens…

oct 2013 - 22 008

We had a picnic at a beautiful park with this spectacular view (and I snuck in a few  pieces of ham – yum)…

flag rock - 10-21 - picnic with Scout

But, last evening I roamed around our property and found something swell to roll around in – it made me feel pretty good until I returned home and everyone said I was stinky.  As a result, I was escorted into the bathroom, where I didn’t really want to go, and lifted into the tub.

oct 2013 - 22 018

I wasn’t sure what to expect and I was all set not to like it – but, the water was nice and warm and the rubdown gentle, so I kind of liked it…

oct 2013 - 22 023

Plus, everyone said I was a good boy.  Well – everyone except Nutmeg.

Apres bath, though, was the best part of all.

oct 2013 - 22 031That’s me shaking off under the towel.  Fun.

oct 2013 - 22 039

Me, continuing to put up with getting dry.  More fun!

oct 2013 - 22 041

Plus all dry and still playing – the best!!!!

Extra Bonus: I smell like Sweet Pea and Violet, which the folks around here seem to appreciate. 

Until next time,





5 thoughts on “Scout Report

  1. HA HA ! That was a bunch of doggie fun. Toby the terrier here had the same experience recently. There is something awesome about wearing the rolled-in smell of unknown animal poop that appeals to dogs but not to the people around them! 🙂

  2. Bailey said ” rolling in stinky stuff good! Baths not so much, but the after-bath rub down is pretty good, too!”

  3. Scout,
    That looks so pleasurable and relaxing that I’m going to ask Loraine to do that to me…especially after she calls me “stinky”.

  4. Oh my Scout you don’t fool me, you know just how to fake it to get the spa treatment, eventually they’ll catch on:( keep up the dirty work and spa treatments as long as you can get away with it:)

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