Happy National Ice Cream Day!

Yes – in case you forgot, it’s National Ice Cream Day!  In fact, the whole month of July is National Ice Cream Month!!!  You have probably not even realized this and let the previous 20 days go by without a proper celebration.  So – correct that situation, pronto.

And, in honor of the day, you can participate in the following two scientific polls regarding your ice cream preferences:


Now – think outside the box – what is your favorite “other” flavor?  What do you get if you go to an ice cream shop?  There are some possibilities in the poll below.  Personally, I’d have a hard time deciding between two flavors I remember enjoying very much.   One is pecan praline.  In a land far, far away, I used to travel to New Orleans for my job.  All the experiences and food in that city were fantastic.  I am almost ashamed to admit, though, that planned into my schedule on every trip was a visit to the wonderful ice cream shop at the airport of all places.  When it was time to fly home, I made sure that I arrived in plenty of time to order a pecan praline cone.  I don’t like to get in a rut, however, so for variety, I sometimes ordered it in a cup.  The other memorable flavor is a great blueberry ice cream that I luckily ordered when my husband and I were visiting with his parents, heard ice cream calling our names, and answered the call at a little shop near their home.

Whatever your favorite is, have your best National Ice Cream Day ever!!!






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  1. A few years back Gary made the most amazing bacon and egg ice cream!!! Sounds weird but it was great.

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