dec 2012 - 2

All my troubles seemed so far away
poor lizard

Now I need to find a hideaway – oh, I believe in yesterday
Nutmeg - July 2012 001

Why they had to go pick up Scout?
june 2013-s 027

I don’t know – I couldn’t say…
june 2013-s 024

Things are oh so wrong…
june 2013-s 029

Now I long for yesterday, ay ay ay….
nmg1222 007

At this time and the foreseeable future, no pictures of Nutmeg and Scout together are possible…


6 thoughts on “Yesterday…

  1. Cats say, “I’m in charge here, and I’ll be in a snit until you straighten this mess out.” Dogs say, “You want me to do what? Ya…OK. Yep, I’ll do it. Throw the ball. Come on, throw the ball.” You realize, of course, that Nutmeg owns the place and just allows you to live there?

  2. He is just adorable. Miss Nutmeg will learn to tolerate him soon enough even if she doesn’t like him for awhile. She will probably relax some when she realizes she will have plenty of time in the house without Scout while he is out working. You’ll have to keep us posted!

  3. Poor beautiful Nutmeg. So sad yesterday is gone. Scout has a lot of kissing up to do. He’s adorable!!

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